Monday, 11 May 2009

Critical Care by Candace Calvert


After her brother's tragic death fighting a fire, former trauma nurse Claire Avery can't face going back to the ER. But when she must offer staff counseling after a propane explosion in a local day care center, Claire's plan self-destructs. She's back in the ER, battling painful memories-and the handsome and surly doctor who thrives on chaos. Dr. Logan Caldwell has learned to distance himself from painful emotion. He expects his ER staff to be as tough as he is, and when hospital administration sends a beautiful but pushy education nurse to offer counseling, he'll have none of it.

My take:~

Rush me to the ER - I'm in dire need of another instalment of Candace Calvert's Mercy Hospital series! Debut novelist Candace Calvert has a hit on her hands with Critical Care - no doubt about it.

Medical dramas have fascinated television viewers for years but with the exception of Hannah Alexander and Harry Kraus M.D., Christian authors have rarely ventured into this area - Candace has now taken it by storm. Critical Care is a fast paced, character driven
story overflowing with emotional tension, sparkling attraction and spiritual dynamics. While Candace uses the familiar doctor/nurse relationship her intense prose, charismatic characters and snappy dialogue result in a potent reading experience. Her own ER nursing experience is apparent in the authenticity of both the plot and technical details but they are never overwhelming. Loved this book and I will need oxygen until Disaster Status (working title) releases in January, 2010!

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Jenny said...

I really enjoy Alexander & Kraus, so I'm really looking forward to this one.

BTW - the male cover model looks almost exactly like my next door neighbor. *g*

Hope you had a wonderful "Mum's" day, Rel! *hugs*

Dawn said...

looking forward to reading this.....

CandaceCalvert said...

Rel, thank you so much for this wonderful review of CRITICAL CARE. And thank you to those who have posted comments. I'm looking forward to the upcoming author interview and to the character spotlight. But mostly to sharing this book with readers. I think, in these times especially, a healthy dose of hope is exactly what the doctor ordered! :-)

Candace Calvert

Rel said...

Thanks Jenny :) Hope you had a lovely day. Your next door neighbour, eh? LOL!!

Dawn - you will love it.

Thanks for dropping by, Candy - I'm looking forward to them, too...a lot!

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