Tuesday, 3 July 2007

The Restorer by Sharon Hinck

Stepping in to her newly refurbished attic retreat, wife and mother of four, Susan Mitchell hopes to find a peaceful haven to recapture her identity and refresh her life. What she discovers in the dusty recesses of her haven changes her heart and soul forever.

Swept through a portal into a unknown world of guardians and song keepers, swords and venblades, Khalarean assassins and the People of the Verses, Susan's faith and courage is stretched beyond what she thought possible and into a destiny beyond her imagining.

Sharon Hinck's storytelling in this moving and profound novel is second to none. I was captivated by Susan's journey of the soul as she found her place among the People of the Verses in Braide Wood, struggling with cultural differences of epic proportions yet connecting with the people who believed in the One to save and heal. The restoration of Susan's flagging faith in God is beautifully portrayed and the parallel world mirrors ours in such a way as to not feel foreign at all. Every character is unique and detailed. Sharon has excelled in her ability to create complex characters that resonate with the reader from the brooding guardian Tristan to the conniving Cameron of Lyric. Be prepared to engage in a world of sword fights, dirty politics, loyal families, duplicitous evil and courageous faith as well as staying up late to finish this enthralling tale!

Lovers of fantasy should look no further than The Restorer, but even if fantasy is not your thing, pick up this book anyway as its powerful and compelling message of faith, commitment and destiny will freshen your heart and bring joy to your soul. The Restorer's Son continues the journey of Susan, Mark, Keiran and Tristan and I will be first in line when it releases in September, 2007 from NavPress.


Unknown said...

Bravo! Amen! I concur! I adored this book...it's on my favorites, and will be read again, and again, and again! Wish EVERYBODY would read this book!

Anonymous said...

I enjoy fantasy, may I borrow it Rel?

Rel said...

Sure, Angela :)

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