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Coming soon from Harvest House and Mindy Starns Clark

Harvest House author Mindy Starns Clark has a busy start to 2011 with her new series with Leslie Gould, The Women of Lancaster County and the rerelease of her fabulous Million Dollar Mystery series.


The Amish Midwife by Mindy Starns Clark & Leslie Gould

A carved box with two locks of hair, the title to property in Switzerland, and a burning desire to learn about her biological family lead nurse midwife Lexie Jaeger from Oregon to Pennsylvania. There Lexie pledges to help her biological Aunt Melia, a lay midwife who has been charged with manslaughter after an Amish client and her baby die. Lexie always knew she was adopted, and when she finally meets her birth grandmother, she feels she has come home—until secrets begin to unravel…secrets that could tear her birth family apart.

Lexie learns the true meaning of the Pennsylvania Dutch word demut, which means “to let be” as she changes from a woman who wants to control everything to a woman who depends on God.

A compelling story about a search for identity and the ability to trust that God securely holds our whole life—past, present, and future.

February, 2011

A Penny for Your Thoughts by Mindy Starns Clark

Attorney Callie Webber investigates nonprofit organizations for the J.O.S.H.U.A. Foundation and awards the best of them grants up to a million dollars. In each book of the series, Callie comes across a mystery she must solve using her skills as a former private investigator. A young widow, Callie finds strength in her faith in God and joy in her relationship with her employer, Tom.

In book number one of The Million Dollar Mystery series, Callie’s assignment is to go to Philadelphia and present Wendell Smythe, an old family friend of her boss, Tom, with a check for $250,000. Mr. Smythe heads a relief organization and needs immediate funds. When Callie goes to his office, check in hand, she discovers him dead on the floor. At Tom’s request, Callie moves into Smythe’s home and begins a murder investigation.

But it’s a dangerous place to be, for the family has secrets they would rather not have uncovered. Callie’s only hope is that God will help her use her investigative skills to discover the murderer and escape the web of deceit that surrounds her.

April, 2011

Don't Take Any Wooden Nickels by Mindy Starns Clark

In book number two of The Million Dollar Mystery series, Callie is working to provide quality professional clothes to women who can’t afford to buy their own. She soon becomes involved with one young woman who is trying to come out of drug rehabilitation—just as she’s charged with murder.

What appears to be a routine murder investigation in her hometown on the Chesapeake suddenly becomes complicated amid international intrigue, cutting-edge technology, and deadly deception.

A string of heart-pounding events lands her disastrously in the hands of the killer, where Callie finds she has less than a moment for a whispered prayer. Will help arrive in time?

April, 2011

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Fear No Evil by Robin Caroll with giveaways


With his father in a nursing home and his mother needing support, former Great Smoky Mountains park ranger Lincoln Vailes moves to the bayou town of Eternal Springs, Louisiana, to become a police officer.

Recent college graduate and eager social worker Jade Laurent has also moved there to try and right the wrongs of an abusive past. But someone is running her car off the road and pointing guns in her direction.

As Lincoln investigates her case, he uncovers ties to big-city gang warfare up north that appears to be making its evil way down south.

My take:~

Robin Caroll solidifies her reputation as a writer of stellar romantic suspense with Fear No Evil, an intriguing tale of the inescapable tentacles of gang warfare and those who stand courageously in the face of violence. Displaying her versatility by using different pacing to Deliver Us From Evil, with equally satisfying results, Robin reveals the damage wrought by past trauma experienced by Lincoln and Jade and their resulting life choices. Complex characterisation, palpable attraction and heart pounding action remain hallmarks of Robin's writing and make Fear No Evil as an essential addition to your bookshelves. Write faster, Robin!

With thanks to B&H for my review copy

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Character Spotlight ~ Laura Frantz's Morrow Little


Courting Morrow Little proves that The Frontiersman's Daughter was not a one hit wonder! Laura Frantz once again brings us a story of beauty and strength, just like her heroine, Morrow. I hope you enjoy spending time with Morrow and her men :)

Over to you, Laura:~

Brief physical description

Morrow is of French descent and very small in stature (described as a “pocket Venus” in 18thcentury terms, or “a petite, cuddly armful”). She is somewhat voluptuous and inclined to plumpness and has dark brown hair threaded with a touch of red. Her most remarkable feature is her eyes – a curious shade of lavender blue.

Actor/famous person

Sophie Marceau (the princess in Braveheart) is also French and has just the right look for Morrow.

Strengths and weaknesses

Since she has grown up with only a father and spinster aunt to guide her, Morrow is a bit na├»ve about the real world, men in general, and herself in particular. Because of the trauma in her childhood, she struggles with forgiveness and almost misses out on the love of a lifetime. On the positive side, she is very maternal and loves children, babies especially. Her close relationship with her father is another one of her strengths. Though they don’t always see eye to eye on certain matters, she is, for the most part, respectful and loving.

Steven Dillaine as Major McKie

Quirk (if any)

She doesn’t have a clue that she is truly, breathtakingly beautiful and so she is tremendously self-conscious. When men pay her any attention she thinks them strange! In her words, “When I look in the mirror all I see is Morrow Mary Little, too short and too stout, who’s afraid of her own shadow.”

Owen Wilson as Robbie Clay

Your inspiration for the character

Kentucky history, once again :) Growing up immersed in the past (18th and 19th century), I’ve always had a fascination for Indian captivity stories and the relationships between white settlers and natives in frontier America. History has hidden so much from us and books are often inaccurate or one-sided. Because captivity was such a forbidden topic back then, many fascinating tales have been lost to the historical record. Courting Morrow Little combines a beautiful woman with a tragic past, a forbidden hero, and the rest of the story.

Background to the story

Morrow, almost 18, is returning home to Kentucky from Philadelphia where she’s been living with her spinster aunt who is a mantua maker. As she rides downriver to the “howling wilderness,” as it was then called, she begins to have nightmarish memories about her past and must face her many fears. Arriving in the settlement she hasn’t seen in two years, she is unprepared for all the attention men pay her. Of all her potential suitors, only one man captures her heart and he is forbidden. She must make some hard choices about faith, forgiveness, and love as she comes of age in a harsh world.

Jay Tavare as Red Shirt

Laura ~ it is always delightful to have you visit! I have already pencilled you in for a return visit next July to chat about The Colonel's Lady!

On Thursday, the spotlight shines on Robin Caroll's Lincoln Vailes & Jade Laurent from her just released suspense novel, Fear No Evil

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The winners are................ selected the following winners:~

Signed copy of Ronie Kendig's Nightshade ~ Diane from CO

Thriller Tour Thrilling Giveaway ~ Susan from NC

Congratulations! Emails are on their way........................

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Inaugural Carol Award Nominees

The American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) have been running the ACFW Book of the Year Awards for many years but this year the Awards have been renamed to the Carol Awards in honour of Carol Johnson, who acquired and edited Janette Oke's Love Comes Softly. You can read the full story at Novel Journey.

For now, cast your eye over this year's nominees and ponder while you wait for the awards to be announced in September at the ACFW Conference.

Debut Author

Talking to the Dead

Bonnie Grove (David C. Cook Publishing, Nicci Hubert - Editor)

The Kidnapping of Kenzie Thorn

Liz Johnson (Steeple Hill, Elizabeth Mazer - Editor)

Eternity Falls

Kirk Outerbridge (Marcher Lord Press, Jeff Gerke - Editor)


Jill Eileen Smith (Revell, Lonnie Hull DuPont - Editor)

The Unfinished Gift

Dan Walsh (Revell, Andrea Doering - Editor)

Contemporary Novella - 6 Finalists due to a tie

One Child

Barbara Cameron (Thomas Nelson, Natalie Hanemann - Editor)

When Winter Comes

Barbara Cameron (Thomas Nelson, Natalie Hanemann - Editor)

A Mule Hollow Match

Debra Clopton (Steeple Hill, Krista Stroever - Editor)

The Great Christmas Bowl

Susan May Warren (Tyndale House, Karen Watson - Editor)

A Change of Heart

Beth Wiseman (Thomas Nelson, Natalie Hanemann - Editor)

A Choice to Forgive

Beth Wiseman (Thomas Nelson, Natalie Hanemann- Editor)

Historical Novella

Home Again

Victoria Bylin (Steeple Hill, Melissa Endlich - Editor)

A Breed Apart

Vickie McDonough (Barbour Publishing, Rebecca Germany - Editor)

Beloved Enemy

Vickie McDonough (Barbour Publishing, Rebecca Germany - Editor)

Christmas Bells for Dry Creek

Janet Tronstad (Steeple Hill, Tina James - Editor)

A Shelter in the Storm

Carrie Turansky (Barbour Publishing, Rebecca Germany - Editor)

Long Contemporary - 6 Finalists due to a tie

The Familiar Stranger

Christina Berry (Moody Publishers, Paul Santhouse - Editor)

A Widow's Hope

Mary Ellis (Harvest House Publishers, Betty Fletcher - Editor)

The Prayers of Agnes Sparrow

Joyce Magnin (Abingdon Press, Barbara Scott - Editor)

White Picket Fences

Susan Meissner (Waterbrook Press, Shannon Marchese - Editor)

If Tomorrow Never Comes

Marlo Schalesky (Multnomah, Julee Schwarzburg - Editor)

Nothing But Trouble

Susan May Warren (Tyndale House, Karen Watson - Editor)

Long Contemporary Romance

Critical Care

Candace Calvert (Tyndale House, Jan Stob/Lorie Popp - Editors)

Seaside Letters

Denise Hunter (Thomas Nelson, Ami McConnell/Jessica Alvarez - Editors)

Just Between You and Me

Jenny B. Jones (Thomas Nelson, Natalie Hanemann/Jamie Chavez - Editors)

Plain Promise

Beth Wiseman (Thomas Nelson, Natalie Hanemann - Editor)

The Hope of Refuge

Cindy Woodsmall (Waterbrook Press, Shannon Marchese - Editor)


The Case of the Mystified M.D.

A.K. Arenz (Sheaf House, Joan M. Shoup - Editor)

Under the Cajun Moon

Mindy Starns Clark (Harvest House Publishers, Kim Moore - Editor)

A String of Murders

Darlene Franklin (Heartsong Mysteries, Susan Downs - Editor)

Polly Dent Loses Grip

S. Dionne Moore (Heartsong Mysteries, Susan Downs - Editor)

Pushing up Daisies

Janice Thompson writing as Janice Hanna (Heartsong Mysteries, Susan Downs - Editor)

Long Historical

A Bride in the Bargain

Deeanne Gist (Bethany House, David Long/Julie Klassen - Editors)

Fit To Be Tied

Robin Lee Hatcher (Zondervan, Sue Brower/Leslie Peterson - Editors)

Look to the East

Maureen Lang (Tyndale House, Stephanie Broene - Editor)

Love's Pursuit

Siri Mitchell (Bethany House, Dave & Sarah Long - Editors)

Stealing Home

Allison Pittman (Multnomah, Alice Crider - Editor)

Long Historical Romance - 8 Finalists due to a tie

Paper Roses

Amanda Cabot (Revell, Vicki Crumpton - Editor)

Cowboy Christmas

Mary Connealy (Barbour Publishing, Rebecca Germany - Editor)

Montana Rose

Mary Connealy (Barbour Publishing, Rebecca Germany - Editor)

The Frontiersman's Daughter

Laura Frantz (Revell, Andrea Doering - Editor)

The Believer

Ann Gabhart (Revell, Lonnie Hull DuPont - Editor)

A Passion Denied

Julie Lessman (Revell, Lonnie Hall DuPont - Editor)

Love Finds You in Poetry, Texas

Janice Thompson writing as Janice Hanna (Summerside Press, Rachel Meisel - Editor)

The Confidential Life of Eugenia Cooper

Kathleen Y’Barbo (Waterbrook Press, Jessica Barnes - Editor)

Short Contemporary

His Cowgirl Bride

Debra Clopton (Steeple Hill, Krista Stroever - Editor)

Autumn Rains

Myra Johnson (Heartsong Presents, JoAnne Simmons - Editor)

A Wagonload of Trouble

Vickie McDonough (Heartsong Presents, JoAnne Simmons - Editor)

A Texas Ranger's Family

Mae Nunn (Steeple Hill, Melissa Endlich - Editor)

Dreaming of Home

Glynna Sirpless writing as Glynna Kaye (Steeple Hill, Melissa Endlich - Editor)

Short Contemporary Suspense - 6 Finalists due to a tie

Evidence of Murder

Jill Elizabeth Nelson (Steeple Hill, Emily Rodmell - Editor)

Final Warning

Sandra Robbins (Steeple Hill, Tina James - Editor)

Murder at Eagle Summit

Virginia Smith (Steeple Hill, Krista Stroever - Editor)

Scent of Murder

Virginia Smith (Steeple Hill, Krista Stroever/Tina James - Editors)

Double Take

Jenness Walker (Steeple Hill, Emily Rodmell - Editor)

Code of Honor

Lenora Worth (Steeple Hill, Patience Smith/Tina James - Editors)

Short Historical

Her Patchwork Family

Lyn Cote (Steeple Hill, Tina James - Editor)

The Glassblower

Laurie Alice Eakes (Heartsong Presents, JoAnne Simmons - Editor)

The Outlaw's Lady

Laurie Kingery (Steeple Hill, Melissa Endlich - Editor)

All That Glitters

Lynette Sowell (Heartsong Presents, JoAnne Simmons - Editor)

The Unfinished Gift

Dan Walsh (Revell, Andrea Doering)

Speculative (includes Science Fiction, Fantasy, Allegory) - 6 Finalists due to a tie

Eternity Falls

Kirk Outerbridge (Marcher Lord Press, Jeff Gerke - Editor)

The Vanishing Sculptor

Donita K. Paul (Waterbrook Press, Shannon Marchese - Editor)

The Word Reclaimed

Steve Rzasa (Marcher Lord Press, Jeff Gerke - Editor)


Stuart Vaughn Stockton (Marcher Lord Press, Jeff Gerke - Editor)

The Muse

Fred Warren (Splashdown Books, Grace Bridges - Editor)

By Darkness Hid

Jill Williamson (Marcher Lord Press, Jeff Gerke - Editor)



Terri Blackstock (Zondervan, Sue Brower/Dave Lambert - Editors)

Lonestar Secrets

Colleen Coble (Thomas Nelson, Ami McConnell - Editor)


Brandilyn Collins (Zondervan, Rachelle Gardner/Sue Brower - Editors)

Salty Like Blood

Harry Kraus (Howard/Simon & Schuster, David Lambert - Editor)

Breach of Trust

DiAnn Mills (Tyndale House, Karen Watson - Editor)

Women’s Fiction - 7 Finalists due to a tie

Sweet Waters

Julie Carobini (B&H Publishing, Karen Ball - Editor)

Leaving Yesterday

Kathryn Cushman (Bethany House, Dave Long - Editor)

Sweet By and By

Sara Evans & Rachel Hauck (Thomas Nelson, Ami McConnell - Editor)

Never the Bride

Rene Gutteridge & Cheryl McKay (Waterbrook Press, Shannon Marchese - Editor)

Yesterday's Embers

Deborah Raney (Howard/Simon & Schuster, David Lambert - Editor)

All Things

Deborah Raney (Steeple Hill, Krista Stroever - Editor(

The Summer Kitchen

Lisa Wingate (New American Library/Penguin, Ellen Edwards - Editor)

Young Adult

Who Made You a Princess?

Shelley Adina (Hachette FaithWords, Anne Goldsmith Horch - Editor)

Always Watching

Brandilyn & Amberly Collins (Zondervan, Barbara Scott - Editor)

I'm So Sure

Jenny B. Jones (Thomas Nelson, Natalie Hanemann/Jamie Chavez - Editors)

So Not Happening

Booker T. Mattison (Revell, Andrea Doering - Editor)

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Character Spotlight ~ John Aubrey Anderson's Bill Mann from The Cool Woman

Lt William "Bill" Mann

John Aubrey Anderson is back with his unique brand of thriller, this time set during the Vietnam War with a determined young fighter pilot ready to make his mark on the world.

Enjoy this insight into Bill Mann:~

Brief physical description

Lt. William P. Mann is a skosh over six feet when he stands straight, and weighs in at around one-seventy . . . he exhibits the moves and relaxed posture of an athlete. The man’s features are unremarkable . . . and you probably wouldn’t notice him in a crowd. That he’s black doesn’t seem to draw a person’s attention.

Actor/famous person

I stay away from trying to describe some of my characters; Bill Mann is one of those. In demeanor, I come up with men like Glenn Ford and Henry Fonda when I try to liken him to someone in Hollywood; add to that mix the self-assured effectiveness that marks a guy like Coach Tony Dungy and you come close to “seeing” him.

Strengths and weaknesses

First and foremost . . . Mann’s love for flying is exceeded only by his abilities in the cockpit . . . he can, without effort, make an airplane do things that astound his fellow pilots. Those same attributes are at the root of his most glaring weakness: all other elements of his life—even his marriage—are relegated to positions of minor importance behind his determination to excel as a fighter pilot . . . to make his mark.

He instills trust and loyalty in those who are paying attention . . . but he doesn’t make friends readily. He prefers to be at peace with others . . . or be left alone . . . or both. He doesn’t attract adversity and is smart enough to walk around most confrontations.

Quirk (if any)

That he can do physics-defying things with an airplane opens doors for Mann, but he’s a loner . . . and choosey about those to whom he offers his company or friendship.

Your inspiration for the character

Bill Mann is loosely based on a good friend from my Air Force days . . . one of the best men and most amazing pilots I’ve ever been around. Before I got very far into writing THE COOL WOMAN, I told that other Bill he needed to start hitting the gym regularly because I was going to work him pretty hard. And . . .

I said once that all my heroes were going to be patterned after John Wayne. They may not look like him or dress like him, but they’ll hold to his values . . . and they will always be the kind of person—man or woman, boy or girl—a good man would want for a friend.

Background to the story

Before THE COOL WOMAN: When he was eight years old, Bill Mann decided he was going to be an Air Force fighter pilot . . . just like his dad. When Bill was ten, his dad, one of the famed Tuskegee Airmen, was taken from him by cancer. Short months later, on a muddy midnight in Mississippi, ten-year-old Bill shoots and kills two white men who are beating mother. When the sun comes up, his mother is dead, and Bill Mann is an orphan on the run.

In the intervening years, young Bill Mann appears to be growing into the kind of man most dads and moms would want for a son. And so begins THE COOL WOMAN . . .

Bill Mann is staid, single, and sober when he reports to his pilot training base . . . there to begin living his dream.

The men and women in THE COOL WOMAN live their lives against the horrendous backdrop of the Viet Nam War. Bill Mann does most of his flying in the Ho Chi Minh Trail area . . . said by experts to be the most hazardous region in the history of aerial warfare.

Six months into his combat tour finds Mann passed out on the floor of his hotel room. The gifted young fighter pilot is fighting wars within a war . . . he's a borderline alcoholic, his wife of ten months is divorcing him, and he’s short days away from discovering . . .

There are worse things than dying.

The photo below is of an A-1E Douglas Skyraider, an aircraft like The Cool Woman. This one is being flown by Lt. Gen. Richard E. “Tex” Brown, USAF, Retired. Tex, who was awarded 3 Silver Stars during his tour, was a first lieutenant when the photo was taken. Photo courtesy of Byron E. “Hook” Hukee. Lt. Col., USAF, Retired.

Thanks for sharing, John. Bill is a fabulous character and hope there's plenty more from where he came from!

On Thursday, the spotlight shines on Laura Frantz's Morrow Little and the men who seek her hand from the brilliant Courting Morrow Little

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CFBA Blog Tour of Nightshade by Ronie Kendig

This week, the

Christian Fiction Blog Alliance

is introducing

Barbour Books (July 1, 2010)

Ronie Kendig


Ronie has been married since 1990 to a man who can easily be defined in classic terms as a hero. She has four beautiful children. Her eldest daughter is 16 this year, her second daughter will be 13, and her twin boys are 10. After having four children, she finally finished her degree in December 2006. She now has a B.S. in Psychology through Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA. Getting her degree is a huge triumph for both her and her family--they survived!!

This degree has also given her a fabulous perspective on her characters and how to not only make them deeper, stronger, but to make them realistic and know how they'll respond to each situation. Her debut novel, Dead Reckoning released March 2010 from Abingdon Press. And her Discarded Heroes series begins in July from Barbour with the first book entitled Nightshade.


After a tour of duty in a war-torn country, embattled former Navy SEAL Max Jacobs finds himself discarded and alienated from those he loves as he

struggles with war-related PTSD. His wife, Sydney, files a restraining order against him and a petition for divorce. Max is devastated.

Then a mysterious a man appears. He says he's organizing a group that recycles veterans like Max. It's a deep-six group known as Nightshade. With

the chance to find purpose in life once again, Max is unable to resist the call of duty and signs on.

The team handles everything with precision and lethal skill...until they're called upon to rescue a missionary family from a rebel-infested jungle and avoid a reporter hunting their identities.

Will Max yield his anger and pride to a force greater than

If you would like to read the first chapter of
Nightshade, go HERE.

Watch the trailer:

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Read my review here and check out my exclusive interviews with each of the Nightshade men:

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Coming in 2011 from Thomas Nelson ~ Amish & Literary

Lovers of Amish fiction ~ save your money for March, 2011 with numerous releases from Thomas Nelson in this genre. Those with a literary bent, Nicole's book will be waiting for you in February.

I'll have cover art for Kathleen novella trilogy shortly.

The Inheritance of Beauty by Nicole Seitz

Beauty is sometimes found in the most unlikely places.

In 1929, the train brought strangers to small-town Levy, SC. There was a struggle--and a fire--and the lives of four childhood friends would never be the same. Eighty years later, George and Magnolia Jacobs are living out their remaining days in Harmony House in Charleston. When an anonymous portrait arrives of a younger Maggie, George realizes there are things he still doesn't know about his wife. And when an old stranger moves in just down the hall, their past seems to be coming full-circle. Like it or not, George must now remember things from long ago in order to set himself--and all of the childhood friends--free from what happened in Levy.

The Inheritance of Beauty is an entrancing story about beauty and age, about the blessings and curses of each, and how the true beauty of a person, like true love, never fades.

February, 2011

What the Heart Sees by Kathleen Fuller

Together for the first time, three Amish romances from Kathleen Fuller.

"A Miracle for Miriam" from An Amish Christmas

Miriam fell for Seth, but he broke her heart. Years later, after he’s nearly killed in an accident, Miriam sees him at a Christmas party and notices something is different about him—not just how he looks, but how he acts. When Seth pursues her, she must decide whether to guard her heart or accept his love.

"A Place of His Own" from An Amish Gathering

When Josiah left Paradise the first time, he didn't even say good-bye. Now he's back, ten years later, and he's changed. Why is he so distant and bitter? Where is the boy who used to be Amanda's best friend? Amanda is learning that there are things even a capable Amish girl can't fix. But can she stand there and watch him walk away...again?

"What the Heart Sees" from An Amish Love

A tragic accident rocks a peaceful Amish community, leaving Ellie Chupp blinded and Christopher Bender's future shattered. But they find love and forgiveness in a place they least expect.

March, 2011

Treasuring Emma by Kathleen Fuller

Emma has put everyone else first in her life. Now at nearly 25, has she missed her chance at marriage?

Emma was Adam's first love but circumstances made them both choose different paths in life. Emma's heart breaks all over again when Adam returns to the Amish community of Middlefield, Ohio, years later.

For the past ten years, Emma has been raising her siblings after their parents' untimely death. She's put their needs above her own and now, with them grown, she can focus on herself and her dream of opening a yarn store in the vacant cider house on her land.

With Adam's return come feelings Emma's long buried. They're older and life hasn't turned out the way they thought it would. Adam's feelings for Emma are stronger than ever, but will he be able to convince her to put others aside and give their love a chance?

March, 2011

Plain Proposal by Beth Wiseman

Miriam Raber takes a bold stand when her Amish boyfriend considers leaving their community. "Whatever he chooses, I'm going with him."

Miriam Raber enjoys life in her Old Order Amish community, and she is hopeful that Saul Fisher will propose to her soon. But when Saul starts talking about leaving the only world either of them has ever known, Miriam imagines what her life might look like as an Englischer. One thing she knows for certain, she loves Saul and feels he’s the one God has chosen for her. But Saul’s indecision has come at an inconvenient time as Miriam is noticing advances from Jesse Dienner, a man she went to school with, who is committed to marry and live his life in the Old Order community.

Complicating matters is the arrival of Miriam’s cousin, Madison, a worldly Englisch girl sent to live with Miriam’s family following trouble back home.

Who will Miriam choose a life with, and who will choose to stay in the Old Order Amish community?

March, 2011

Lilly's Wedding Quilt by Kelly Long

She isn't looking for love. He's mending a broken heart. It will take divine intervention for these two to get together.

Local Amish schoolteacher Lilly Lapp is tired of weddings, afraid of horses, and immersed in caring for her depressed mother. But when Jacob Wyse, a handsome horse breeder from her small community rescues her from a dangerous accident, Lilly discovers a renewed interest in life and the possibility of love.

Yet Jacob has lost the one true love of his life to another man and doesn't care to expose himself to the vulnerabilities of loving again.

God works to bring this unlikely pair into a sweet romance to produce a pattern of faith, which leads to the creation and comfort of Lilly's Wedding Quilt.

March, 2011

Friday, 23 July 2010

Interview with Griffin Riddell ~ Nightshade's MARSOC

Formerly of the US Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command, Griffin is not a man to be trifled with. Trying to get into his head could lead to much pain and suffering! But Ronie seems to have some kind of special power over these guys and she managed to get him to pony up and talk to me.

Be patient and you discover what makes Griffin special (and not just grumpy!) when his story is told in Firethorn, set to release in January, 2012.

Griffin "Legend" Riddell
from Firethorn

Griffin is the kind of man you want watching your back ~ loyal, tough, stronger than the proverbial ox and totally intimidating, he won't die wondering if he did enough. I have a sneaking feeling though that the muscle that is his heart, quite matches the generous size of the ones you can see! Not that he will admit it, more's the shame.

Over to you, Griffin:~

Rel: So what made you run off and join the Marine Corps?

Griffin: You see those crisp uniforms, the brass buttons, the red piping--it's slick. Know what I'm saying? A
nd the pride, the honor--well, most of them have it. And the swords, ya know, I wanted that for the day I got married, so they could line up and slap my bride's back-side. ::laugh: Nah, I'm just pulling your leg.

"Conquering all obstacles, both large and small, I shall never quit. To quit, to surrender, to give up is to fail. To be a Recon Marine is to surpass failure; To overcome, to adapt and to do whatever it takes to complete the mission." That's the Reconnaissance Creed. That's why I joined the Corps. Failure is the easy man's out. I wanted to be better than that, to make my grandparents--they raised me--proud. So they'd know this Riddell is going to make it.

Your call sign is Legend - how did that come about?

It's because of my kill ratio. If I see it, I can kill it. I'm lethal, a legend. They don't mess with me. Know what I'm saying? ::laughs:: No, hold up, I'm just messing with you. The name came because some little smart mouth found out I like Jazz music and can play a horn, so he thought he'd make fun of me, call me Legend Lover. I just shrugged. It's an honor, know what I'm saying, to be associated with them. My call sign is just proof that I have class. See, that came from my refined taste in exquisite music--Jazz music.

You were tasked with inviting the guys to the Nightshade team by The Old Man ~ who was the hardest to convince?

Colton. He'd gotten himself in deep with God and wasn't sure he wanted to return to fighting. But I believe God afforded him an opportunity to do things with justice and integrity, with a choice--and a chance to work through those memories that have been eating him up. I am already seeing a difference in the man, ya know?

What is most important to you?

Loyalty but it has a bedmate that I don't think really be separated from--honor. Those two are intricately entwined.

What do the other guys do that annoys you the

Two things bug me the most, but it's nothing we can't handle as a team, know what I'm saying? Oh, I see how you're going to be--you actually want me to snitch on my boys, huh? Well, it's not happening. We stick together. Even if Max's fists move more than his mouth. Even if the Kid's mouth pops off more than his gun. We are a team.

The guys tell me you are the big man on the team, the guy that w
ant standing between them and the bad guys. What's something they would be surprised to know about you? Surely, you have a sensitive side?

Aw now, see? There you go again, getting up in my business. I don't play these games. I'm what they call a vault. See? I keep these things locked up. That's why they want me on their side. That's why I'm the man to come to.

You get a bit
grumpy when faced with newbies ~ what's the big issue?

Now, there you've hit on something I can address. Nightshade--the boys and me--we're a team. We do things. We do it right. We get it done. Know what I'm saying? So when that gets shaken up, when a new ingredient is added to the mix, it disturbs things. Mistakes happen. People get hurt or killed.

We know you have tatts! Care to share what kind?

Baby, I've got tatts--what? Oh...hold up. Hold up. Ronie says I can't show them to you. So I'll just tell you. On my left bicep, I have the MARSOC symbol--loyalty to the Corps. On my left pec, I have my nephew's name--Dante, he's a good boy. I'm proud of that boy. He's good people. Got a good head on him, know what I'm saying?

Grif ~ see, that wasn't so bad, was it? You are quite the man, now aren't you? And your talent with the horn ~ impressive, my friend. Just remember, change is not all bad no matter how much The Kid tries to mess with your head!

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