Thursday, 9 August 2007

And If I Die by John Aubrey Anderson

Mose Washington and his young charge, Bill Mann finds themselves at odds over many things despite the bond forged through fire years before at the scene of his mother's murder. Bill is determined to pursue his love of bull riding while Mose puts his energies into prayer and love for the boy he calls his grandson.

Missy and Patrick Patterson's devotion to each other is unwavering. Pat is Head of the Philosophy Department at North Texas State University and Missy soaks up Mose's wisdom and chafes at Bill's choices.

Estelle Bainbridge continues her search for Mose and Bill, exerting her significant influence as a Congresswoman towards one goal - the location of Mose and Bill to exact her chilling revenge. The evil that lurked beneath the waters of Cat Lake back in 1945 is poised to strike again without mercy.

John Aubrey Anderson's extraordinary gift of writing does not waver in the third book of The Black or White Chronicles, And If I Die. The layers of his characters continue to be revealed with the focus on Mose Washington, his childhood and his growth into a man of integrity, compassion and spiritual strength. This book does not have the roller coaster intensity of the previous instalments instead its pacing is slower with a steady buildup to the climactic ending. This is far from a criticism - I was enthralled by Mose's story, to see his strength develop through his response to adversity and impact of the faithful nurturing and encouragement of a man after God's own heart, his Great Grand Pap.

Another dimension to the story is Pat's philosophical discussions with his students. These interactions paint a clear picture of the case for Christ without being overbearing and the resulting sacrifice made by one of the characters, moved my soul. This book will challenge, encourage and engage you and leave you wanting more of John's storytelling abilities and the destiny of the folks from Cat Lake.

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