Thursday, 30 August 2007

Just Beyond the Clouds Giveaway ~ US and Canadian readers only

I have a copy of Karen Kingsbury's, Just Beyond the Clouds which releases in September, to give away!

Recently, I have found her series' books to a be a little repetitive so I am pleased to say this latest release is fabulous. It is a moving and compassionate story which I recommend highly. I can't say more than that yet as my review will be first published at TitleTrakk but you will see it here shortly after that.

Here is a preview from the publisher, Center Street:~

n unforgettable story of two brothers and the only woman whose love can set them both free.

Still aching over his wife's death, Cody Gunner can't bear the thought of also letting go of his Down Syndrome brother, Carl Joseph. Cody wants his brother home, where he will be safe and cared for, not out on his own in a world that Cody knows all too well can be heartless and insecure. So when Carl Joseph's teacher, Elle, begins championing his independence, she finds herself at odds with Cody. But even as these two battle it out, they can't deny the instinctive connection they share, and Cody faces a crisis of the heart.

What if Elle is the one woman who can teach Cody that love is still possible? If Cody can let go of his lingering anger, he might see that sometimes the brightest hope of all lies JUST BEYOND THE CLOUDS.

Post a comment and tell me your favourite Karen Kingsbury character to be entered into the draw which will close at midnight on Wednesday 5th September, 2007. US and Canadian residents only please.

Aussie readers don't despair! You can still enter to win one of two copies of Lori Wick's Cassidy here and I have a great new giveaway next week just for you!


Kathie said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Enjoyed browsing through yours. Would love to enter the book giveaway, but alas, I live in Central America, Costa Rica in fact, so there is little point. However, I will be visiting again to read more of your reviews.

Carolynn W. said...

That sounds like a great book. I can't wait to read it!
That's really hard, having to narrow down to only one favorite character when there are so many great ones in Karen Kingsbury's novels.
However....I would have to say that my all time favorite would be Jake Bryan in 'One Tuesday Morning'
I love your blog and all the great books you review, thanks!
carolynnwald at hotmail dot com

Alexis said...

Wow, a contest for us Candians. That's awesome and I'm so blessed to check out your blog. So, I think my favorite is Mary Madison from Divine. She is a true hero to me. Anyone that helps others to overcome what they themselves have been able to overcome is considered a hero in my book.

Cee Cee said...

Finally! Throw my name into the hat!

Rel said...

Hi Girls,

Thanks for dropping by :)

Don't worry Kathie, I will have some giveaways soon that will cover all international readers!

Carolynn & Alexis - Jake is a great character! I have Divine in my TBR so will get to read about Mary soon. I will let you know my fav character in the winner's post.

CeeCee - have you read any KK yet? Your excused from the fav character although you could tell your fav from any book :)

Rel said...

oops! I need an editor - You're is much more preferable!

Deena said...

I'll take a chance on this one! Enter me, if you don't mind:-)

tetewa said...

This would be a new author for me so enter me in the draw.

Brittanie said...

One of my favorite characters is Lauren Gibbs from Even Now and Ever After. She represents the viewpoint opposite of mine on the war and etc. I was able to see through a different set of eyes. I have not changed my beliefs but I was able to see some. Please enter me in the contest. :)
treewaterduchess at

Sue A. said...

I'm new to Karen Kingsburt's books. I hope I still get to enter as the book sound great.

lifeasamama said...

joey from "like dandelion dust" - that was such a good story!!

Heidi said...

Like you, I've found some of Karen's books to get a bit repetitive after awhile~ maybe it's because she puts them out so often (I don't know how she does that!)
Anyway, I just saw this one today, and thought the storyline looked a bit different from anything I've seen from her in the past~ so I'd be thrilled to win a copy.
I guess my fave character is Katie Hart.
(I can be contacted through my blog).

Karen said...

The only one I have read so far is Sunrise, so Dayne and Katy are my favorites! I would be thrilled to win this one:-) Thanks so much!

kpuleski [at] gmail [dot] com

happylittlemomma said...

please enter me! i'm not sure if i've read any of kingsbury's books but this is my sister's favourite author!

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