Thursday, 2 August 2007

Blast from the Past ~ The DMZ by Jeanette Windle

Published in 2002 by Kregel, Jeanette Windle's The DMZ fascinated me from the start and held me captive to the last page!

Reporter Julie Baker was born in Colombia to missionary parents returns to investigate the mysterious dissappearance of US military assets in the Colombian demilitarized zone. Hesitant yet determined to face the memories of her parents' death and to write a great investiagtive article, Julie's goal soon changes to simply surviving when she is abducted by guerilla soldiers and hauled off into the jungle. Unseen, beneath the jungle canopy lies a weapon that could bring America to her knees.

Jeanette Windle writes heart thumping suspense with insider knowledge from her upbringing in Colombia and her meticulous research. The DMZ is replete with danger, political intrigue, non-stop action, engaging characters and a touch of romance. This book easily enthralled me for the whole 512 pages and has my highest recommendation.

Don't miss Crossfire and its sequel, Firestorm ~ also excellent books set in Colombia with action and suspense that will have you reading well into the night!


Deena said...

I read somewhere that her books are so authentic in detail that she has been questioned by the authorities on how she knows what she knows:-) Dont' know if it's true or not, but high praise if it is!!

Cee Cee said...

Wow! So, you said I could borrow it when I'm in Australia. I like your sneak peeks too. Some are on my TBR. You know I need to post about books I've already read back in July and even June. Do I remember??

Rel said...

Deena - that is absolutely true! You would love these books if you haven't got to them yet. She was an MK in Colombia and then a missionary herself in Bolivia so she knows her stuff!

Cee Cee - how fun would that be for you to come to Oz! Bring it on and you can borrow whatever book you like! I have a back log of reviews too with quite a few to do for Titletrakk which is good but I publish those only after they have been at Titletrakk for a week so it seems in the interim I have nothing to show for my "work"!!! That was an overly long sentence!!!!!

BTW Jeanette has just told me she has a book releasing next year with Tyndale - don't know any details yet but I was happy to hear that.

Tracy said...

Oh yes, I can vouch for these books too. I loved each one of them. You HAVE to clear a day or two (at most!) because you won't want to put them down until they're finished. You just can't ~ there's too much excitement going on!

I wonder what her next book will be about?!

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