Monday, 27 August 2007

Christian Fiction Challenge ~ my hands came away red ~ new read I have been dying to share!

1. Title: my hands came away red

2. Author: Lisa McKay

3. Copyright: Moody, 2007

4. How long was the book languishing in your TBR pile?: 2 weeks

5. What made you buy/borrow the book in the first place? Sharon Hinck mentioned she had met an Aussie author at ICRS so I checked out Lisa's website and requested an ARC from Moody.

6. What were your thoughts on the story? Brilliant, challenging, emotive, absorbing, a MUST read....I could go on!!!

7. Now do you wish you read the book sooner? Yes!

8. Any questions/statements for the author? Please write quickly and "you little bewdy!"

9. Where will the book reside now? On my bookshelf, lent to friends and will be my Book Club's first pick for 2008!

My complete review will be coming soon!


Cee Cee said...

What's a bewdy??? LOL! It doesn't sound flattering! You're funny Rel.

Rel said...

Hahahaha!!!! Lisa understood it!! Just some Aussie slang. It means "you little beauty" and is rousing encouragement for a job well done. The English might say, "Good show" - you can tell me what you might say instead!

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