Monday, 6 August 2007

The Divine Appointment by Jerome Teel

President Richard Wallace finds himself with the potential power to alter the course of judicial thought when a vacancy arise on the United States Supreme Court. The President, believing this very decision is God's reason for him becoming president, calls on Porter McIntosh, his Chief of Staff to ensure his nominee, Judge Dunbar Shelton is confirmed despite the opposition he will face given the judge's conservative views. When the stakes are as high as reversing of the Roe v. Wade verdict on abortion, this will not be limited to a vicious political bun fight. Blood will be shed and the moral and social mores of a country divided on this issue may never be the same.

Attorney Eli Faulkner and his colleague Jill Baker are unwittingly drawn into the unfolding drama when they accept Tag Grissom, a successful cardiologist accused of murder, as their next client. Eli takes the case at the emotional request of Tag's distraught wife but their investigation soon uncovers that the Grissom marriage is in turmoil and Tag's deception may be exactly what it appears to be. As the evidence piles up against Grissom and the political mudslinging over the judicial nomination deteriorates to phone tapping, burglary and murder, the stage is set for a momentous climax and a divine appointment!

Jerome Teel's political thriller is complex, fascinating and detailed. His knowledge and interest in the world of politics is evident and his legal mind a great asset to the authenticity of the story. The intrigue and political maneuvering is non-stop but the world of the West Wing, the judiciary and criminal process is made accessible to the reader. True to his legal roots, Jerome provides copious details and descriptions but overall this enhances the story and defines the characters and their views.

The difficulty of maintaining political integrity in a world where those two words rarely combine is addressed and the many agendas, hidden or not, that politicians, attorneys and judges face daily are laid bare. In all this the day to day issues we all face are not pushed to the side with Eli and his wife's relationship strained over whether he wants to have children, Judge Dunbar's family wanting to lead safe and normal lives and Jill, longing to meet a man who will show her love and respect. Each character is well developed, from Stella Hanover, President of the National Federation for Abortion Rights who will stop at nothing to get her way, budding investigative journalist, Holland Fletcher, in way over his head and Jessica Caldwell, alone and frightened, having made choices in her life she now regrets. Jerome does not hesitate to address the spiritual implications of our human nature and the need for redemption. This is one of those rare books that will appeal to both men and women.

The Divine Appointment is the first book I have read by Jerome Teel - be assured it won't be the last.

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Anonymous said...

i won a copy of this book from "So Many Books..." and just received it last week. i can't wait to start reading it!!!!!!

Jerome said...

Rel, thanks so much for posting your review. I appreciate it.

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