Monday, 13 August 2007

Prints Charming by Rebeca Seitz

Jane Sandburg has never believed her best friend's suspicions about her husband...until now. Devastated by his betrayal, Jane reaches out to three women for support ~ Lydia, Mac and Mari. Each woman has her own unique struggles but their shared love of scrapbooking, an innovative idea and their creative talents cement their friendship.

When problems arise ~ a lackluster marriage, infertility, a rebellious child and an apologetic husband ~ these friends encourage, challenge and piece together each others spirits as they would a page in their scrapbooks, creating something beautiful.

Rebeca Seitz's first foray into writing is entertaining, enlightening and constructive! Ideas abound throughout the book on scrapbooking and expert tips are provided at the back of the book. Despite not being a scrapbooker myself I still enjoyed this story of friendship as Jane restarts her life and contemplates where her friendship with her appealing neighbour might lead. Lydia, Mac and Mari each experience heartaches and frustrations that easily connect with the reader. Rebeca's authenticity and humour shine through. I felt that dealing with each of the woman's particular circumstances in one book constrained some of the story lines but it does not change my recommendation. Prints Charming will appeal to women who know the true value of their friends whether they are the kind to rush to a sale at their local scrapbooking store or not!

Look for Rebeca's new Sister's Ink series to start releasing in February, 2008. The series has it's own website ~ click here!

Gotta love the cover!


Cee Cee said...

Check out Sisters Ink cover! Wow!

Anonymous said...

i do love the cover. makes me wanna read it. :)

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