Monday, 20 August 2007

Moon Over Tokyo by Siri Mitchell

Allie O'Connor is an unlikely girl to be living abroad, especially in a country so different to her own ~ Japan. Everything about Allie's life is a dichotomy she is a journalist but wants to be a novelist, she is a resident of Tokyo but doesn't speak the language, she loves different cultures but keeps away from cultural events. To top it all off she is six foot tall but in her words, "Inside me a short person was crying to be let out."

Allie's "security blanket" is about to leave, her wild Australian friend, Gina is heading back to Australia and she needs a new friend now and doesn't hesitate to demand one from God. She just wasn't counting on him bringing along a man, let alone her nemesis from high school, Erik Larsen ~ tall, handsome, sophisticated...and a Republican!

Siri Mitchell excels in bringing different cultures alive in her novels hand in hand with wonderful characterisation. Moon Over Tokyo is delightful, brimming with the beauty and contrasts that make Tokyo both fascinating and frustrating for visitors. Allie and Gina's relationship is fun and thought provoking as Allie, a believer, is bound by her fears and Gina, a "heathen" Aussie confidently takes on the world. Eric adds a whole new dimension to Allie's world and yet she refuses to grasp the gift of friendship and love she has before her. I appreciated so much that Allie continued to struggle with her fears of a relationship even when love was exposed - her genuine hesitation was as real as it gets and make this novel stand out from many a traditional romance.

I am looking forward to more of Siri's cultural novels ~ let's hope her hubby keeps travelling around the globe!


Cee Cee said...

To my TBR it goes!

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