Monday, 6 August 2007

What do you think?

Hey :) Please be honest and let me know what you think about the new look!

I am not totally convinced so I would like your feedback. There is still some work to do tidying it up and adding stuff to the sidebars but you get the idea!



Tamara Leigh said... seems sterile. Oh boy, I'm being negative. Sorry, sorry, sorry. Should I leave a comment or should I not? Tough call. Uh, okay. Just a little sterile? But sterile's good. I mean, it's clean, right? Easy to read. Yeah. Ugh. I don't know.

Useless in Goodlettsville, TN

Dawn Burns said...

Hi Rel,
Hope you are doing well....
I like the font style and size. Also like the colors.

Dawn Burns said...

.....but maybe just a little more color? I'm color crazy.

Rel said...

Tammy - of course you can!! I happen to agree! I saw a skin I REALLY liked
but couldn't get it to work :( I am useless when it comes to these things.

Thanks Dawn - will work on the colour issue!

Deborah said...

lol i thought i went to the wrong blog!

aussietigger1980 said...

ohmygosh, what a shock! a change! looking great as far as the layout goes. sounds like you're planning to do a bit more as far as the decorating so i look forward to seeing.

how did you get 3 column--was it hard? i have wanted that for AGES!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm so jealous :)

Tracy said...

Wow...I thought I was in the wrong spot too!!!!

OK...what do I think? I like the colour, and the font/size. I wonder whether the right hand side bar could be not so wide? That would give you more width in the middle one, so that us readers get away with less scrolling.

I think you've lost that blogarithm thingy that you can sign up to get an email when your blog changes.

About the sterile looks to me like a freshly painted wall that is in need of a really nice print to make it feel homey. Does that make sense?

I'm looking forward to seeing the end result Rel.

angela said...

umm, does anyone else see the background as black or has my computer gone ahead and changed the colour? If not, then the black background makes it difficult to read the print, especially the green and then the red looks dull.

I really liked your last look! Though a change is as good as a holiday.

Jenny said...

Wow - quite a change! Been thinking about giving my place a face-lift lately as well.

I think it seems serene - although maybe you could perk up the green just a bit (to satisfy the color-lovers among us *wink*)

nolene said...

Wow! Different and very snazzy!(is that a word?) That was my first thought. I guess a little more colour would be great. It has lost some of the homey feel to it(has someone said that?), it was a bit like the comfy feel we have when reading our books. We will get used to the new look soon!

Leanne said...

I like it. You've got more space for your reviews now. Tracy, yes there's something wrong with your computer.

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