Thursday, 23 August 2007

Doesn't She Look Natural? by Angela Hunt

Politically savvy and career driven Jennifer Graham loses everything when her husband falls into a midlife crisis and the arms of their sons' nanny.

Unemployed, rejected yet hopeful of reconciliation Jennifer moves in with her mother with her energetic sons, Clay and Bugs, both struggling with their father's choices. An unexpected inheritance finds Jennifer the not so proud owner of a dilapidated funeral home in Florida, Fairlawn, which comes complete with a live in embalmer, Gerald.

Horrified by the thought of living in a home with dead people, Jennifer aims to quickly restore the building, sell up and move back to her beloved Virginia and reunite with her husband when he comes to his senses!

Angela Elwell Hunt continues to surprise with a unique storyline and characters you want to reach out to. Jennifer's heartache and desperation to be independent all the while pinning her hopes on her wayward husband is so real. While the bulk of the story is written in her voice, scattered chapters highlight the thoughts of her frustrated mother and a bemused Gerald, adding a wonderful dimension to the novel. Jennifer's journey is poignant and challenging but Angela's greatest triumph in this book is her ability to open the reader's eyes to the importance of celebrating life even in death and the dignity and compassion that is essential and so meaningful in what is a misunderstood and often thankless job. Angela writes with humour, tenderness and creates such emotional tension that I had to remind myself to take a breath!

I can't wait to see where Angela takes her Fairlawn series series - Doesn't She Look Natural? is highly recommended!


Jen said...

Sounds good Rel. Can I borrow please. Love Jen

Tami said...

I like your blog! Do you have any suggestions for getting people to read your blog?
Tami from CFBA "Treehouse Reading" blog.

Rel said...

Hey Tami - glad you like the blog! I think you basically need to get around other blogs and make some friends - exchanging links is a good way! I will put your blog in my links so I hope others drop by.

Angela said...

Thank you so much, Rel, for the very kind words. You caught exactly what I was trying to accomplish with Jennifer at Fairlawn! :-)



Cee Cee said...

Oookay, Rel. I trust your judgement. I think. ;)

Cherie J said...

Sounds like a great story! She comes up with such unusual plots for her stories.

Dawn Burns said...

Thanks for your review. I'll be reading this soon.
Hope you're doing well?

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