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Interview with Canyon Metcalfe ~ Nightshade's Green Beret

Canyon's story is told in Wolfsbane, book 3 in Ronie Kendig's Nightshade series which will release in July, 2011. Canyon is a bit of an enigma amongst the team so Ronie and I wanted to give him the chance to share a bit about himself!

Canyon "Midas" Metcalfe
from Wolfsbane

Canyon is an invaluable member of the Nightshade team, former Green Beret and now Nightshade's medic he quietly gets the job done with little fuss. Being raised in a large, loving family hasn't prevented issues arising between Canyon and some of his siblings, but he is loyal to the core and hates to disappoint anyone.

Over to you, Canyon:~

Rel:~ What drew you to the Army Special Forces Group?

Canyon:~ My dad was a Green Beret in Nam. I've wanted nothing but to honor him and make him proud. Too bad I'll never know.

What unique abilities to you bring to Nightshade?

Ya know, I've wondered how I got on this team. They're an amazing group of men, solid, loyal, fierce. I'm solid--I'll be there, I'll do the job. My loyalty is to the team. I don't hesitate to act because that hesitation can kill.

You're not a big fan of your call sign, Midas - how did you get it?

Aw man, this is wrong. Do you have to ask? ::sigh:: It...well,
I guess you could say I have this sixth sense in the field. I could detect inconsistencies, pick out an enemy combatant from among civilians dressed alike. Can't explain it. Just could. So, any time we'd go out, they said I turned the mission to gold because my instincts netted some pretty HVTs--high value targets. It's stupid really. Nobody has luck. I don't believe in it--or maybe it doesn't believe in me. But it gave them hope, ya know? And in combat, thousands of miles from family and loved ones, those guys needed any thread they could grab no matter how thin. stuck.

You're known to be the quiet one on the team - what is one thing the boys don't know abou
t you?

Dude, if they don't know and they cover my six, think I'm going to tell you?

Your family is really important to you, tell us a little about them?

There's six of
us kids--my parents had this thing for nature when they were newlyweds. So being the lucky offspring we are, all my brothers and sisters are named after elements or nature. There's Stone, he's the oldest and looks it. I think he feels responsible for the family since dad died. Brooke is the oldest sister and acts like our mom--maybe that's why her husband left her. I'm not judging, just saying... Then there's me, then Range--only ten months separates us and it causes problems. Willow is next, then the runt, Leif. He'll kill me when he finds out I said that in public. Some of us are pretty messed up but we're tight. Metcalfes stick together.

It's a quiet night and the lads are arm wrestling - who wins?

Dude, have you seen Cowboy or Legend? Hands-down, it'd be one of them, just because of the sheer size of their biceps. I'm not stupid enough to get up against them. I know what can happen to the arm. In fact, I saw one guy in basic end up with a spiral fracture of his humerus. Sick man. Sick.

The BBQ is on ~ what are you grilling?

Steaks--but don't tell my mom. She's still stuck in the 70s with her ideals and vegetarian preferenc
es. Don't get me wrong--she's an amazing woman. I doubt I could ever find a woman like her to marry but sometimes, she wears me thin with her beliefs about meat and poisoning the body.

Any tatts?

This is a taboo subject around our house--my mom thinks it's a sin to mark up the body. But when I made it into Special Forces, it was a way to show my commitment. I mean, not that we had to, but it was just...dunno, something my team did. So, I have the Green Beret logo on my arm, and I have three crosses over my heart.

Well, Canyon, there is definitely more to you than just a pretty face ~ LOL! Hey, the Kid made me say it! Wolfsbane can't come soon enough - I have it on good authority that you are in for a tough time but I'm sure you've got the guts to pull through.

Next week, it's Griffin's turn and he is really kicking and screaming about it. I might need Canyon's medical assistance when all is said and done!

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Ronie Kendig said...

Thanks, Rel. Canyon's going to get grief over that "pretty face" comment you made. He's not a talker, so I know he won't say anything to you about it. LOL

Rel said...

They'll all have it in for me by the time these interviews are done. I'm hoping that my "connection" with you know who will protect me ;-)

Renee (BlacknGoldGirlsBookSpot) said...


XOXO~ Renee

Julie J. said...

Not sure who I like better now, Canyon or Cowboy...hmm...

I'm really enjoying these interviews ladies! :)

Dineen A. Miller said...

Okay, I just about swooned over the three crosses over his heart. Oh my...I think I'm having a hot flash. ;-)

Rel said...

Haha, Dineen! Yes, I think Canyon let that slip out before he thought too much about it. I'm thinking there's a story there - I'm sure Ronie can get him to give it up for us :)

Sara said...

Hmmm, pretty face is an acurate statement! :) Why can't the whole Nightshade series come out at one time? I don't want to wait until next summer for this one!

Jen said...

Sara, I'm with you. Next year is too long to wait. Ronie, can you write faster please? July 2011 is ages away. Love the interviews girls, thanks.

Ronie Kendig said...

Neen...hehehe. That's hilarious.

You gals know how to make a girl feel AWESOME! Thank you so much for your enthusiasm (okay, so it's about Canyon and not ME but hopefully that will translate to the series well LOLOL).

Jenny said...

Lovin' these interviews gals...and the eye candy as well. *wink*

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