Thursday, 8 July 2010

Coming in early 2011 from B&H Fiction

Here are three books I'm looking forward to next year. Love Robin's romantic suspense and even though it's Amish, I can't go past a Tricia Goyer book! And Ginny's just sounds really good.

I've already posted about Kim and Kayla Woodhouse's fiction debut also from B&H Fiction, No Safe Haven, here.

How about you?

Words by Ginny Yttrup

Kaylee's mother is gone. And it seems she took Kaylee's voice with her. Now, ten-year old Kaylee must fend for herself with her mother's abusive boyfriend. Her days are spent collecting words she may never speak.

Sierra Dawn is alone. She has allowed the shame of her past to silence her present hopes. But on the twelfth anniversary of her daughter's death, God begins wooing her back to Himself.Brought together by Divine design, the relationship between Kaylee and Sierra begins a healing process in each of them as they dare to let the Truth, Jesus Christ, set them free.

February, 2011

In The Shadow of Evil by Robin Caroll

Informed by the real-life fallout of the U.S. economy and devastation caused by multiple hurricanes along the southern coast, In the Shadow of Evil tells a modern day story involving the exposure of a building rebound scam. Amidst the layers of unethical practices, supply shortages, and excess murders, a top Louisiana homicide detective loses his heart to a charitable contractor while uncovering a secret about his tragic past.

March, 2011

Beside Still Water
s by Tricia Goyer

Marianna Som
mer believes she knows where her life is headed. Nineteen years old and Amish, her plan is to get baptized into the church, marry Aaron Zook, and live in the only community she's ever known.

When Marianna's family moves from Indiana to Montana she discovers life and faith will never be the same. As she builds an easy friendship with local guy, Ben Stone, Ben not only draws her heart, he also gets her thinking about what loving God and living in community is all about. As Marianna struggles to find "home", she also encounters God in intimate ways.

April, 2011


Mark said...

can't wait for the Robin Carroll book! Thanks for sharing

Nicole said...

Looking forward to Robin Caroll's.

Julia M. Reffner said...

Wow, you always have the scoop on the new books. I didn't know about any of these, but all three sound great! I haven't heard of Ginny before, but I love the cover!

Michelle said...

I was quite surprised when I found Tricia Goyer's book listed on CDB a few days ago. I like some of the Amish books, and I'll certainly give hers a try.

Jenny said...

Hadn't seen Words or Beside Still Waters yet. Thanks for bringing them to my wish list thanks you. *wink*

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