Monday, 5 July 2010

Coming in 2011 from Barbour Books

Check out Barbour's 2011 releases with something for everyone ~ historical, contemporary, comedy and more all with romance added.

And can't do a post without saying that I have had the privilege of reading Digitalis by Ronie Kendig and as much as I loved Nightshade, Digitalis is even better!


Digitalis by Ronie Kendig

Former Marine sniper Colton "Cowboy" Neeley is recovering from a life of bad choices. Piper Blum, daughter of dissident Yakov Rosenblum, is in hiding--from life and the assassins gunning for her family. When she begs Colton to help extract her father from Israel, Colton petitions the group Nightshade to consider the mission. The team agrees, and soon they're deep six--straight into the Holy Land for a snatch-n-grab of Yakov. Will Colton and Piper make the treacherous trek out of hostile territory and into safety with their love--and lives--intact?

January, 2011

The Crossing
by Gilbert Morris

From beloved author, Gilbert Morris, comes a new trilogy about the Civil War. Yancy Tremayne, son of an Amish man, joins General Stonewall Jackson’s troops, which leads to adventure and romance with a Southern belle.

February, 2011

Raider’s Heart by Marcia Gruver

Two brothers join forces with a band of outlaws and vie for one woman's hand. Duncan McRae can hardly stomach the raids made by his family of bandits. Hooper McRae knows what he wants and takes it by force. When their paths cross that of Dawsey Wilkes, the competition is fierce. How far will the brothers go to win her love? Dawsey is burdened by a mysterious family secret, confusing memories of a long-departed mother, a papa unable to cope with his loss, and her repulsion to the McRae brothers. Is her faith strong enough to see her through?

February, 2011

Rugged and Relentless by Kelly Eileen Hake

When three landowning women put an ad in the paper expressing their desire for healthy, hard-working husbands-for-hire to help them set up and run a sawmill, they never dreamed their tiny town would be overflowing with proposals from bachelors who responded promptly...and in person! Out of this logjam of potential suitors, which one will Evelyn Thompson choose? Jacob Grainger trails his brother's murderer to Hopesfall where, to keep his true intentions secret, Jacob pretends to court Miss Evelyn Thompson.

Will this lumberjack-turned-bounty-hunter find himself falling for the enterprising female?

March, 2011

Finally a Bride by Vickie McDonough

Love triumphs in Texas. Pastor Jody Chapman returns to Lookout with a new name, determined to make restitution for past misdeeds. Reporter Jacqueline (Jack) Hamilton is bent on uncovering the new preacher's secrets. Can Jody win Jack's heart before she discovers his identity? After spending ten years in prison, Carly Payton returns to Lookout. Garrett Corbett isn't interested in marrying a jailbird. But how long can he resist his attraction to Carly? Twice-widowed Christine Taylor isn't looking for a new husband. Can Rand Kessler find a way to change her mind? Will love find a way--the first, second, third time around?

April, 2011

Deep Trouble by Mary Connealy

Shannon Dysart is determined to restore her father's reputation by finding a city of gold. Deserted by her companions, she's set on getting on alone--that is, if she can find her way out of the deep pit she's fallen into. After being stranded overnight with a helpless female named Shannon, Zane Stanton suddenly finds himself wed to the driven fortune-hunter--and joining her on her treasure quest! Will Zane eventually give in to the increasing need to protect his fanatical wife? Will Shannon risk everything to find the gold? Will the newlyweds outwit the villains hot on their heels?

May, 2011

The Art of Romance by Kaye Dacus

Two crazy grannies scheme to untie their artistic grandchildren. When tw
enty-eight year old Dylan Bradley, a former steamy romance illustrator, meets Caylor Evans, he's trying to build up a new professional reputation while recovering from a bad breakup with an older woman. Meanwhile, thirty-four year old Caylor, having once written titillating romances under a
pseudonym, now pens inspirational novels. When they form a professional alliance and Caylor's manuscript is paired with Dylan's proposed sketches for its book cover, suspicions arise. Can Dylan and Caylor discover the true art of romance while hiding secrets from their past?

May, 2011

Simple Choices
by Nancy Mehl

Set your GPS for Harmony, Kansas, where unexpected events disrupt lives in the peaceful Mennonite community. Will Gracie Temple find she’s overstayed her welcome?

June, 2011

The Stars Remember by Christine Lynxwiler

Revisit the dynamic McCord family of Arkansas at a time when perfectionist son, Matthew, is forced to face his most costly mistake.

June, 2011


Deborah said...

so i'm all about the Gilbert Morris book because you know I'm a Gilbert Morris junkie. However, I am wondering how much of his past books are going to be incorporated in this one. I'm already anticipating feeling de ja vu when reading it...

Kaye Dacus said...

Ooh--that's the first time I've seen the cover for Kelly Hake's new book. LOVE IT!

Ronie Kendig said...

HEY!! Where's Digitalis?!?!? LOL It's coming January 2011 from Barbour.

Kelly's books and Gilbert's look really good!! Of course, Kaye's does too, but I've already told her that. LOL

Ausjenny said...

All of the books look great. Gilbert Morris's really looks great as I too am a huge fan but the others all look really great. I love Barbour books.

Renee (SteelerGirl83) said...

Yep all these are already on my wishlist including Digitalis :-P I can't wait!

XOXO~ Renee

Rel said...

Ronie - so sorry, girl! Thought I had already posted about it and discovered, to my embarassment, I had not :(

All fixed now!

Thanks all for dropping by!

Ronie Kendig said...

You are awesome regardless of Digitalis being up there. But thank you for adding it. You do so much for so many authors, myself included, that there is no way I could be hurt or offended!

Jenny said...

Looking forward to all of these...thanks for sharing. I *love* the title "Rugged and Relentless". ;)

Julie J. said...

I am anxiously awaiting Digitalis and Christine's new book! Thanks for providing these lists to add more books to the TBR piles! :)

Amy said...

Like the premise for the Gilbert Morris book. Also looking forward to Marcia Gruvers. :)

scrappy quilter said...

Gilbert Morris is my all time favorite author. It's so good to see another series by him. If only I had the time to read all these books!!

Rebecca Herman said...

I love the cover for Raider's Heart!

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