Thursday, 27 August 2009

Character spotlight ~ Laura Frantz's Lael Click

Today the spotlight shines on...............................Lael Click

Laura Frantz has made a stellar debut with her first historical romance, The Frontiersman's Daughter. Lael Click is a character that will stay with you for a long time, as will the three men whose lives are changed by this unique woman.

Enjoy finding out a little more about Lael! Over to you, Laura:~

Brief physical description

Lael Click is known for her unusual height and the fair hair that falls to her feet. Her eyes, the vivid green of spring, are sometimes obscured by her spectacles. Full-figured, she longs to be small and dainty but alas, she is not.

She resembles Sissy Spacek in her younger days - feminine yet with a decided spark and stubbornness. (or a pic you have or a drawing/painting - no need to be a known person!)

Strengths and weaknesses

High-spirited, she is often tempted into trouble with renegades and Indians. Shunning the dandies of colonial Virginia, she prefers manly men, and has a weakness for rugged yet refined Scotsmen who arrive unannounced in the Kentucky wilds. Independent yet loving, plain-spoken yet kind, Lael is a bit of a riddle to all who know her. She is good at keeping secrets, both her own and others, often to her detriment.

Gerard Butler as Ian

Quirk (if any)

None that I can think of but my next character, Morrow Little, in Courting Morrow Little, has plenty J.

Eric Schweig as Captain Jack

Your inspiration for the character

Since I was born and raised in Kentucky and have had family there since the late 18th-century, it's been a privilege to study the lives of pioneer women and the many, often unbelievable stories, of their lives. Lael is the embodiment of these wonderful women - their courage and fortitude, their beauty and grace despite the uncivilized conditions in which they lived.

Background to the story

The Frontiersman's Daughter is actually a composite of my Kentucky childhood and all the lore and legend I learned growing up, coupled with my own imaginings of what life must have been like for a famous frontiersman's daughter. Kentucky is a magical place with a magical history and I hope the book shares that with readers.

Aussie actor David Wenham as Simon

Thanks so much, Laura :) I am so looking forward to your future stories.

On Monday, the spotlight shines on Janice Hanna's Belinda Bauer & Georg Kaufman from Love Finds You in Poetry, Texas. Hope you join us!

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Laura Frantz said...

You have a way of making everything shine! Love the Aussie for Simon. He's just right:) Thank you again for spotlighting my book here. I always enjoy visiting you and playing a bit of blog tag:)

Rel said...

Thanks Laura for dropping by!

People might recognise David as Boromir (I think!) in the Lord of the Rings movies and recently in Public Enemies as one of Johnny Depp's (Dillinger) crew.

Jenny said...

I like to see some of the older faces pop up in your spotlights (Sissy Spacek, etc), because I'm not much of a movie goer/TV watcher these days and many of the more recent actors/actresses are unfamiliar to me.

I love the "prefers manly men" comment, 'cause I do too. *grin* I'm looking forward to reading the book.

Keli Gwyn said...

I stayed up until nearly two this morning finishing The Frontiersman's Daughter. What a wonderful storyteller Laura is. I loved her characters, the vivid descriptions and her captivating story.

Rel said...

Hey Jenny - got to the book yet?

I agree, Keli - Laura's writing keeps you up in to the wee hours :)

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