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Special Character Spotlight ~ M L Tyndall's Hope Westcott & Nathaniel Mason

Firstly, my apologies to MaryLu and my readers for not getting this post to you when promised, last weekend. I hope the anticipation helps you enjoy this even more!

Today the spotlight shines on Hope Westcott & Nathaniel Mason

Getting my hands on a MaryLu Tyndall book is always a thrill :) Danger, adventure, romance and conflict are always battling for the upper hand and I never know which part I enjoy the most :) The Blue Enchantress is no exception.

Be sure you don't miss any of MaryLu's engrossing tales and enjoy this sneak peek into the personalities of her latest protagonists.

Over to you, MaryLu:~

Hope Westcott

Brief Description

Hope Westcott is a rare beauty. Trouble is, she knows it. At 22 years of age, petite, shapely, with long golden hair and crystal blue eyes, she is not ignorant of the attention she receives from every man who crosses her path. But before you become jealous, let me explain that Hope believes her looks are her only worthy attribute. Inside, she is empty, insecure, and despite her name, desperately hopeless that she will ever be worthy of true love. She carries around with her the weight of a shameful past and the scorn of proper society, yet she continues down the same road, seeking value, meaning, and love by throwing herself into the arms of men who only use and abuse her. Until, of course, she meets Nathaniel Mason—the only man she’s ever know to be able to resist her charms. Despite these failings, Hope is a kind, loving lady who has a heart for the downtrodden and in particular for orphans and any child who is neglected and unloved.


Trusting, Kind, Sensitive, Smart, Good listener, Loves kids


Insecure, Impulsive, Spoiled, Dreamer, People pleaser, Craves attention


Hope tugs at her hair when she’s nervous or uncomfortable. This stems from her past when a man she trusted used her hair to entrap her.


Dare I admit it, but Hope’s inspiration came from my own past and from my observation of many young girls in today’s world. What does every girl (or boy for that matter) dream of, but to be truly loved and truly valued, but when that girl comes from a family where she did not receive love and approval and when that girl has been abused by those she trusted, she often ends up giving herself away cheaply to any man who’ll have her, just to fill that need in her heart. It is my hope to show through Hope’s story that only God can provide the love and value we are all seeking. And not only that, He is the only one who can cleanse us from our pasts, and give us the courage and hope to move forward.

Nathaniel Mason

Brief Description

Nathaniel Mason is a working man—a ship builder by trade and the captain of his own fleet of merchant ships. At age 25, tall and muscular, with dark brown wavy hair, tanned skin, and walnut colored eyes, he often smells of the wood and tar he uses to build ships. He is hard worker who has spent years working and building the two ships he now owns and operates on the Caribbean. Though he values morality, integrity, and decency, he hides a shameful heritage behind a fa├žade of success, hoping to erase the stain of his mother’s occupation and elevate himself to a position of respect among the citizens of Charles Towne. But in so doing, he is ignoring the call of God on his life to preach while battling an overwhelming attraction to Hope, a woman who reminds him too much of his mother. But Hope has a thing or two to teach this man who thinks he has it all together!


Leader, Integrity, Honor, Hard-working, Decisive, Devoted, Moral, Kind


Judgmental, Unsympathetic, Stubborn


You’ll often hear Nathaniel say “Fire and thunder” whenever he is upset or angry. A jagged blue scar mars his left side where he was stabbed as a young boy trying to protect his mother. The wound burns whenever he is threatened or feeling uneasy and he often reaches up to rub it during those times.


Nathaniel Mason is a godly man with exceptional morals and a strong desire to do the will of God, save for one tiny flaw—formed from a difficult past—that causes him to deviate from that perfect path. I love Nathaniel. He is such a good example for everyone around him and so capable and resourceful. As a natural leader, people are drawn to him, rely on him and look up to him. The amazing thing is, he doesn’t even recognize the gifts God has given him. He is the type of man who so much wants to do the right thing, that sometimes he is trying too hard on his own power and needs to let go and let God.

Background for the story

Hope Westcott, abandoned by the man she thought loved her, is about to be sold as a slave to a plantation owner in the Caribbean when Nathaniel Mason charges to her rescue and sells one of his merchant ships to procure her freedom. Burdened with the spoiled, wanton woman, Nathaniel must find a way to escort her back to Charles Towne while fighting off an intense attraction for the lady who he knows would bring him nothing but shame and sorrow. Broken-hearted, Hope is forced to rely on the grace of a man who obviously detests her. Yet she cannot help but find herself drawn to this man of honor, who, by the way, is the only man able to resist her charms. Together the couple battle a hurricane, shipwreck, pirates, and deep deception. Will Hope find the value and love she needs in God’s arms? Or when her lover returns, will she run back to her old ways? Is Nathaniel willing to give up everything he has worked hard for in order to win the heart of a lady who would ruin the good reputation he craves?

It's always a pleasure to have you drop by and share this way, MaryLu :) Thanks for giving us a glimpse behind Hope and Nathaniel. Can't wait for Grace & Rafe's story in The Raven Saint!

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Julie Lessman said...

REL AND MARYLU!!! Wonderful spotlight, and especially fun for me because I just finished reading The Blue Enchantress. And I'll tell you what -- I have just found me another favorite author! I LOVED it!

Thanks for the spotlight, Rel, and thank you, MaryLu, for a truly wonderful novel.


apple blossom said...

Can't wait to get my copy of The Blue Enchantress

MaryLu Tyndall said...

Thank you so much Rel for spotlighting Hope and Nathaniel! I feel like I know each one of them so well. In fact, I was much like Hope in my youth, BC.(Before Christ) And thanks Julie and Abi for your comments!
God Bless,

Alex said...

Thanks for sharing this, Rel! I have just finished this one and will review it tomorrow. Nice to know where MaryLu got her inspiration!

...she reads...

Ronie Kendig said...

I'm reading this now--and LOVING it. Of course, I love all of MaryLu's books. But this is a great one with their inner demons constantly pecking at their courage and heels.

Anonymous said...

I actually saw a really interesting review of ‘The Red Siren’ at I would share!

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