Friday, 21 August 2009

Friendship Friday ~ What do you value in your close friendships with women?

Tricia Goyer

I value the numerous friendship I have with other women of different ages. I have friends who are grandmothers and some young friends who are young and aren't married yet. I love that fact as since we're all Christ-seekers I learn something from each of them. Older woman have a lot of share from life about walking with God through numerous phases of life. But just as important, I love to see how the faith of young women leads them to follow God in extraordinary ways. Some of these young gals have faith and trust that is so pure and awe-inspiring. It makes me want more of that!

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Erynn Mangum

I think the ability to be completely honest and the ability to laugh are the two things I value most in my friendships with other girls. I really love spending time with someone who I don't feel the need to impress. My three best friends are probably my sister, my mom and a girl I've known since junior high - all of them know every single weakness and struggle I have, but they are also all very good at making me cry because I'm laughing so hard. That's invaluable! :)

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