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Character Spotlight ~ Judy Christie's Lois Barker

Today the spotlight shines on.............................Lois Barker

Judy Christie is no stranger to writing having penned a number of non-fiction books before this, her debut novel, Gone to Green. Having trained as a journalist Judy has no doubt drawn on her experience creating her character Lois, a big city journalist whose life is about to take a U-turn :)

We hope you enjoy this sneak peek at Lois! Over to you, Judy:~

Brief physical description

Lois Barker is tall and somewhat thin with longish dark hair, which she often wears in a somewhat sloppy ponytail. She is not a fix-y girl. She’s proud of the way she
looks in her mid-30s, but she’s no fitness freak. Lois dresses very professionally and wears nice shoes, even when walking in a field near a catfish pond. She may not stay quite so thin if she keeps eating all those doughnuts at the Green newspaper and having great Louisiana meals.

Think actress Anne Hathaway or Jennifer Garner

Strengths and weaknesses


Lois is a strong, ambitious woman who is smart and hard working. She doesn’t realize it, but she’s open to change. She knows a lot about journalism and newspapers, which is important in her new role as owner of The Green News-Item.


Lois is uncertain and too quick to judge others. She’s a little on the nervous side and a bit of a control freak. She doesn’t know much at all about the South or small-town life.

Quirk (if any)

She’s afraid of dogs. She tries to figure out what a person is going to say before he or she says it.

Your inspiration for the character

Lois is a blend of many strong, wonderful women I’ve known through the years – and has her own unique characteristics, too.

Background to the story

Gone To Green is about a big-city journalist who changes a small southern town while the town changes her. The journalist, Lois Barker, is the not-so-proud new owner of Th
e Green News-Item, a tiny paper in rural North Louisiana. She is obliged to keep the paper for at least a year, despite her doubts and fears. When she pulls into Green, she expects a charming little town full of friendly people. Instead, she comes up against all sorts of prejudice and financial corruption. Lois makes friends and enemies with an assortment of characters who will change her life – including a troubled teen, a wise older woman and a handsome catfish farmer/coach. As all sorts of challenges unfold, her year in Green results in a newfound faith and unexpected blessings.

Gone to Green is Judy Christie’s first novel and part of the launch of the Christian fiction line from Abingdon Press. It’s the first in a series of novels about Green. Goodness Gracious Green will be released in Fall 2010 and Green Through and Through in Fall 2011. Judy was a newspaper reporter and editor for nearly 30 years and has lived in Louisiana, USA, much of her life.

Judy ~ Thanks so much for sharing about Lois :) I'm looking forward to delving into her story soon.

On Monday, I will be spotlighting Melanie Dobson's Anna Brent & Daniel Stanton from Love Finds You in Liberty, Indiana. Be sure to come back!

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southeastcountrywife said...

just got this book in the last day or so and looking forward to checking it out!!

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