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Character Spotlight ~ M L Tyndall's Lady Charlisse Bristol & Captain Edmund Merrick

Today the spotlight shines on.........................Lady Charlisse Bristol and Captain Edmund Merrick

MaryLu Tyndall's Legacy of the King's Pirates series is one of my all time favourites and I notice has them for an absolute steal! Be sure to pick up all three books ~ they make fabulous holiday reading for yourself or a wonderful Christmas gift :)

Enjoy MaryLu's thoughts on her her reformed pirate and the lovely Charlisse:~

I’m combining the first two books in my Pirate series, The Redemption and The Reliance, because the main characters are the same.

Lady Charlisse Bristol

Brief Description:

Charlisse is fair skinned with light blonde hair that falls to her waist and holds a natural wave. Her eyes are the color of a tropical sea in the full sun. Though she appears to harbor the natural weakness of her gender, inside Charlisse is as brave and strong as any man. Abused as a child by a demented uncle, she was also raised in nobility and carries herself with a haughtiness expected of her station. She is spoiled, demanding, and can be difficult to get along with, especially when she is upset or threatened, but this stems from a deep wound in her heart.

I named Charlisse after the actress Charlize Theron, and I picture her looking much the same: a raw beauty that speaks of strength and yet innocence.


Courage, Determination, heart of gold


Pessimist, bitter, angry and insecure. She doesn’t trust anyone


Charlisse plays with her hair when she is nervous or upset

Inspiration for character

Charlisse is a character that was born out of my own personal life journey. She is a kind-hearted woman with a zest for life that was squelched early on by a difficult childhood. She never knew her father and her mother died young, leaving her at the mercy of a disturbed uncle. Charlisse runs away from all she knows to search for the father she never knew, believing that once she finds him, he will give her all the love she’s been missing her entire life. In my own life, I also never knew my father and searched for many years for anything to fill that empty void. And like Charlisse, it wasn’t until I turned to God and He showered his love and acceptance upon me that I finally found the love, acceptance, and fulfillment I’d been seeking.

Captain Edmund Merrick

Brief Description:

Merrick is tall and big boned. He wears his long coal-black hair tied behind him, cavalier style. He is tanned and well muscled from having spent years sailing across the Caribbean. Once known as the most notorious pirate captain, he has now repented of his wicked ways and become a godly man. And though he continues to sail the seas, he now brings to justice those who commit acts of violence and piracy as he used to do. His dark, piercing eyes are his most notable feature.

I always pictured Merrick to look a lot like the actor, James Caviezel: strong, dark, and brooding.

Rel: I like your choice for Merrick ;-)

Strengths: Wisdom, Courage, Decisive, Loyalty


Bad temper, pride, arrogance, women, alcohol


Runs a hand through his hair when he is frustrated or confused

Inspiration for character

When God gave me the idea to write a story about a Christian pirate, I got very excited. I mean, what a dichotomy! I wanted to portray a man who wasn’t just an ordinary pirate but a man who came from nobility in England, a man who was running away from something and who had spent years committing acts of thievery and violence upon the seas. So much so, that he was now feared by his fellow pirates. Then I gave him a life-changing conversion to Jesus Christ and watched what he would do with it. Amazingly, he stayed on the seas and took to privateering instead. Determined to become a better man, a godly man, he still battles his old weaknesses of women and drink, both of which are tested when he rescues the lovely Charlisse from a deserted island.

Background for the books:

In my first novel, The Redemption, Lady Charlisse Bristol abandons her wealth and title in London and sails to the Caribbean in search of a father she has never known. She has turned her back on God and believes only the love of her real father can fill the emptiness in her soul. Shipwrecked on an island, she is rescued by a band of fierce pirates and their handsome captain, Edmund Merrick. Though at first terrified of Captain Merrick, Charlisse discovers she has nothing to fear from this man whose strong faith in God baffles her. Edmund offers to help Charlisse on her quest—until he discovers her father is none other than Edward the Terror, the cruelest pirate on the Caribbean.

In my 2nd novel, The Reliance, believing his wife, Charlisse, has been killed, Captain Merrick turns his back on God and returns to a life of piracy. Captured by the villainous pirate, Kent, Charlisse escapes and takes command of Merrick’s ship to search for her husband. Along the way, she faces battles and mutinies as she struggles with the unfaithfulness of the man she once trusted. Disgusted with himself, Merrick repents, and seeks his old ship. Unaware that his wife is still alive and in command of her, he is shocked when the ship fires upon him.

Will Charlisse be able to overcome her anger and forgive her husband?

Will Merrick be able to trust God when he faces once again a decision to put Charlisse in grave danger?

Thank you sooooo much, MaryLu. You have made me want to grab my copies and read them all over again!

Please comment and let us know what if you pictured the characters differently. I will be spotlighting Kent and Isabel from The Restitution later this month so don't miss it.

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Michelle Sutton said...

Oh, Merrick seems even cuter when attached to an actor. Nice job!

Tracy said...

Lady Charlisse seems like an inspiringly adventurous woman!

MaryLu Tyndall said...

Thanks so much, Rel, for having my characters on your blog. They've always seemed so real to me, like friends I've known for years. Now, seeing them like this makes them even more so! Yikes, I better watch out or I'll be committed for some delusional disorder!
Merry Christmas everyone!

Anonymous said...

I have read these books at least 5 times each and they just get better and better every time I read them.The characters are so believable I feel as though I am right there with them.You can identify with them.These books truly are amazing and having faces to go with the names make them even better!

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