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Character Spotlight ~ Jamie Carie's Serena Winter & Drake Weston

Today the spotlight shines on..................................Serena Winter and
Drake Weston

Jamie Carie was born to write romance! Her French/Irish heritage is a combination to be reckoned with so her books are filled with passion and energy :) Here's a peek behind the scenes of her second novel, The Duchess and the Dragon.

Merci, mon ami, Jamie:~

Brief physical description:

Another Debra Sievers painting completely captures Serena for me. It’s called “Restoration” wh
ich is exactly what she is for Drake.

Drake is completely gorgeous! The epitome
of a tall, dark, handsome Englishman. He’s a duke, wealthy beyond measure (for some parts of the story anyway:), and sought after by the most beautiful women in the world.

I’m thinking a Pierce Brosnan type?

Strengths and weaknesses:

Serena’s strength is also her weakness. She was raised with a strong faith (Quaker) and lives the life of a true servant for God.

When Drake enters her life, her faith is tested. She has to decide what she really believes and what she might have to give up to stay true to it.

Quirk (if any):

Serena is an artist and a little scattered at times (Boy, can I relate to this!). When she is in her creative mode, she gets very intense and doesn’t want to be bothered!!

Your inspiration for the character.

My inspiration for Serena was, at first, only a sweet, servant-like character with a strong faith in God. But as the story developed, I really learned her gentle strength, how a soft answer is more powerful than a booming voice, and how strength of character (and faith in God) will get a person through the trials of life.

Book Synopsis

Rising romance novelist Jamie Carie’s second book, The Duchess and the Dragon, tells the epic story of two unlikely soul mates who live worlds apart but soon meet and turn each other’s world upside down.

Drake Weston, Duke of Northumberland, is accustomed to a life of royalty until a tragic mistake followed by murderous rage results in his darkening character and sudden flee from England. With a hoarde of money on which to survive, Drake hops a ship of indentured servants to America but is duly robbed and taken ill by the merciless sea voyage.

In Pennsylvania, Serena Winter is a humble, devoted Quaker on a mission of mercy, ready to tend the sick people aboard a ship that has just arrived from England. Taken by Drake’s air of dark mystery after he begins to serve as an apprentice to her silversmith father, Serena falls in love and is excommunicated by her fellow believers when she accepts a non-Quaker’s marriage proposal.

Not knowing Drake’s history, Serena is later shocked to discover her new status as a duchess. What follows are hard truths and softening hearts, romance triangles, webs of deceit, and ultimately, the power of grace, love, and passion.

A pleasure to hear from you, Jamie, as always!

Look for Jamie's soon to be released novel, Wind Dancer, hitting stores in January but being reviewed here first!

Check back tomorrow for my review and amazing giveaway :)

On Monday, the spotlight shines on MaryLu Tyndall's, Lady Charlisse and her dashing Captain Merrick!

Come by and swoon appropriately - LOL!

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Kim said...

Okay Rel!! I think I actually have Wind Dancer in my TBR pile! I'm moving it too the top!


Tracy said...

I imagined Drake as a darker more brooding look than Pierce Brosnan. I think Aragon in Lord of the Rings is the image I hold of Drake. Katherine Hiegel strikes me as a good Serena.

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