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Character Spotlight ~ Linda Leigh Hargrove's Isaac Hunt and Catty Wright

Today the spotlight shines on............................................ Isaac Hunt and Catty Wright

Linda Leigh Hargrove's first novel, The Making of Isaac Hunt is a heart wrenching story of a man desperate to find where he really came from and who whose true family is. There is lots to think about in Linda's stories so it is great to find out more about her characters here ~ enjoy!

Brief physical description

Isaac Hunt is a young fair skinned blue eyed black man. He has strong African American facial features but is so fair he could pass for white.

Think Wentworth Miller.

Catty Wright is an extremely dark skinned black woman. She's small in stature, has a cute little nose, and a figure that draws the attention of men, Isaac included.

Think a much darker, Rachael Williams (British model)

Strengths and weaknesses

Isaac is extremely smart. As a college student he worked with NASA on the Mars Mission Project. He's not one to advertise it though. He's persistent but impulsive. Isaac's biggest weakness is his uncertainty about his place in the world. This drives him to make some rash decisions.

Catty is trustworthy, loyal, and resourceful. She's a great cook and self-taught artist. But she's a little bit of a hothead. She can also be bit naïve having been sheltered most of her life. All in all, Catty is a deep thinker and loves God with her whole heart.

Quirk (if any)

Isaac's quirk: Has an cast iron stomach; he can eat anything.

Catty's quirk: Has this thing about scenting her linens with her late father's cologne.

Your inspiration for the character.

My three sons are all adopted. While I was writing (and rewriting) Isaac's story, my husband and I were going through infertility tests and treatments. Finally we adopted our first child. Suddenly I was hearing all sorts of adoption stories. The most heart rending were those from people who had found out as adults that they were adopted. They confessed to feeling betrayed and unloved. I didn't want my son to go through that as an adult. So I committed to telling him early and often and he was loved, accepted, and wanted. Isaac's story took on much of what I was going through and what other adult adoptees had shared with me.

Storyline inspiration

I started writing in 1996. I had been co-leaders of a Christian discussion group for years at that time. Our monthly dinner club meetings centered around biblical racial reconciliation. Although our discussions were good, I felt that some of the principles in the nonfiction book we read were too academic sometimes. So I was moved to weave those ideals into a story. I had dabbled at writing fiction before that, and of course, I read a lot of fiction but never did writing a story overtake me like the one I started in 1996. That God-driven story became The Making of Isaac Hunt.

Character Sneak Peak

Let's see, I think I'll introduce you to Tate Michaels in my WIP, Saving Tate Michaels.

Tate is Isaac Hunt's best friend from The Making of Isaac Hunt. Tate is a focused young black man with a savior complex (and more than a few racial prejudices).

He wants to climb the ladder in the FBI and he's not afraid to make sacrifices. Having been hurt by Isaac and jilted by a fiancée, he decides one of the sacrifices he'll make is going without serious relationships.

Along comes Cher Edwards, pretty young black engineer. She's a nice distraction at first but then he realizes he's falling for her. He starts to question his call to public service. But then the state of the nation grows grim again and Cher is caught in the middle.

He's the one to save the day and the girl. Trouble is, he's the one that needs saving. God uses some unlikely people to save his bacon. So Tate has to confess his racial misdeeds and open his heart for change. In the end he reconciles with Isaac, grows in Christ, and gets the girl, of course.

Thanks Linda and for the extra sneak peek! Having 'met' Tate in Isaac's story, I'm looking forward to seeing where you take him!

Don't forget to comment and encourage Linda :)

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