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Character Spotlight ~ Linda Leigh Hargrove's Cee Cee Johnson

Due to the wonderful response I have received from authors and readers to my Character Spotlights, I will now be posting every Monday and Thursday. This way you get special insights more often and our gracious authors don't have to wait as long for the spotlight to shine on their characters!

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Today the spotlight shines on ...................................................Cee Cee Johnson

Linda Lee Hargrove's second novel, Loving Cee Cee Johnson is available now from Moody and I am so looking forward to reading it. You will want to as well when you read what Linda has to say about her characters!

Thanks Linda :)

Physical description

Carla Celine (aka Cee Cee) is an American TV reporter so she's a little on the thin side, but she's a black woman so she's got some curves. She's of medium brown complexion with shoulder length hair. She wears a wig on camera and other fake hair pieces as the mood strikes. She's a very pretty woman. Easy on the eyes (although she'd beg to differ).

John Carter Manning is definitely easy on the eyes. He's a tall, dark, and handsome country boy. A good ole boy, as we Southerners would call his type. He's got shoulder length wavy brown hair, rugged looks, and the most beautiful light brown eyes this side of the Scuppernong River. About halfway through the novel he shaves, leaving his signature soul patch (which makes Cee Cee's heart skip a beat).

Actor/famous person who might resemble her/him

Cee Cee: Regina King

John Carter: Tom Welling

Strengths and weaknesses

Cee Cee's strength is her resiliency. She's been through a lot but she's determined to survive. She's a talented reporter because she knows how to tap into the emotions of her audience. Unfortunately she doesn't know how to tap into her own.

John Carter's strength is that he knows how to enjoy the moment. When he's happy, sad, mad ... you know it. He's a playwright and filmmaker so this comes in handy. His weaknesses: loving Cee Cee Johnson.

Quirk (if any)

Cee Cee's quirk: smells conjure up deep memories, and pains.

John Carter's quirk: he can be a goof ball sometimes.

They share a penchant for crossword puzzles.

Your inspiration for the characters.

My inspiration for Cee Cee was a former college roommate. My roommate looked nothing like Cee Cee but she too was a gifted TV personality and had similar traits.

John Carter is a mix of a former coworker (who shall remain nameless) and an old crush (who will also go unnamed).

Rel: Ha! Loved this insight, Linda ;-)

Storyline inspiration

Cee Cee and John Carter grew up in the same small town but being of different races, they didn't associate at all. Being from a small town I know that can happen. You know about 'them' and you know 'their family.' You go to school with 'them' but you don't mingle.

With Loving Cee Cee Johnson, I wanted to explore the life situations that would bring these two people together and look a little at the dynamics that kept them (obvious soul mates) apart.

The black-woman-white-man thing between Cee Cee and John Carter plays big in the the story but “Loving” is more than a romance. It's about love. Making heart connections with the ones in your life. It's about doing life together. It's about moving beyond the hate and hurt in the past, with God's help.

Love is a choice. Sometimes it's the hardest choice you can make. Like being willing to be rejected by your race for choosing 'one of them.' Or choosing to forgive the person that everyone says is unforgivable. But in the end it's the best choice.

Great thoughts, Linda :)

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Check back for future spotlights on Linda's Isaac Hunt from her debut novel, The Making of Isaac Hunt, and a special sneak peek at Tate Michaels from her WIP, Saving Tate Michaels ~ can't wait!

As always, please let Linda and I know what you think of this spotlight :)


Deena said...

Makes me glad this one's on my TBR shelf:-) Looking forward to more from you BOTH!

Amy said...

I really want to get to this book. I enjoyed The Making of Isaac Hunt quite a bit. Linda has tremendous empathy for her characters and she's not scared to tackle unique and interesting ideas.

HeatherH said...

This is such a "novel" idea - the character spotlights. I really enjoy reading about the inspiration for the characters and the setting as well. Thanks!

Kim said...

Ooohhh!! This sounds wonderful! One of my best friends grew up here in Alabama, and she married a black man. I've heard her stories...she has lived this scenario! But this couple is doing great things for the Lord in spite of the prejudice they have faced, and they are a living testimony that the shade of our skin simply doesn't matter - it's the shape of our heart that does!

I bet this book is AWESOME!

Thanks, Rel!


l. l. hargrove said...

Hi, Rel. Thanks so much for featuring Cee Cee. This is such a super idea.

Thank you all for your heart for racial reconciliation. It is God's heart. Take care.

Ausjenny said...

Thanks Rel these are so cool and a great idea.

Ty said...

What a cool way to meet the characters! I will let others know to check it out.

Rel said...

Thanks Ty - appreciate you dropping by :)

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