Thursday, 23 October 2008

Character Spotlight ~ Michelle Sutton's Annie Meyers

Today the spotlight shines on................................................................Annie Meyers

Michelle Sutton is well known for her tireless efforts supporting Christian writers through ACFW, Edgy Christian Fiction Lovers and CFOM. She is now getting her name out and about as the author of It's Not About Me, her debut novel.

Over to you Michelle :)

Brief physical description

Long, fox red hair, cute face, small nose, average build, slightly shorter than most people.

Actor/famous person who might resemble her

Hillary Duff (with reddish hair)

Strengths and weaknesses

Strengths are she has strong convictions, especially in regards to honoring her parents and waiting for marriage to have sex. She has no real vices like drinking or smoking, etc. and doesn't swear. She's basically a good girl and a loyal friend.
Weakness is she doesn't want anyone to be upset with her so she tends to give in to keep people happy. She will occasionally lie if she thinks it will keep the peace. She also thinks being a good person is enough and doesn't really know the Bible so is easily duped when someone misquotes it.

Quirk (if any)

She talks to her cat when she is struggling with a decision and can't decide what to do.

Your inspiration for the character

My inspiration for the character came purely from my head in regards to looks, then ironically a young girl- high school age- started attending my church who could have been Annie. So in my revisions I found myself tweaking her out a bit to be more like this gorgeous, soft-spoken darling from church. Also, the event which happened to her and ruined her life, at least temporarily, happened to a friend of mine from a former church.

Synopsis of the book

Annie has it all. She's attractive, graduated with honors, was accepted at the college of her choice, has supportive parents, good friends, and a steady boyfriend who loves her. One night when an unexpected visitor appears, Annie's safe world is destroyed. As she tries to recover the pieces of her broken life, a war ensues between two brothers who both claim to have her best interests at heart. But who will Annie choose? Or will she decide to turn her life in a different direction?

Michelle ~ thanks for sharing about Annie! We'll see you back here next year, featuring a main character from your sequel, It's Not About Him :)

On Monday I will be spotlighting Gracie Lang from Amy Wallace's debut novel, Ransomed Dreams, with a bonus spotlight on Steven Kessler ~ you will enjoy getting to know them a little better ;-)

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Tracy said...

Great insight. I'm wondering though, does the lovely teen that Annie resembles know that she has a character modeled on her??!!!

That would be so cool!

Deena said...

These are just so wonderful, Rel! Great work, and such great inspiration:-)

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