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Coming in 2009 from Waterbrook Multnomah

Waterbrook Multnomah has some beauties releasing in the new year and this preview doesn't include all of them - check back soon for more!

I can't wait for Meltdown - be sure to check out Chuck's website for some amazing stories and clips from his recent trip to Afghanistan.

As always click on the titles to preorder and the author's names for their websites.

Does something catch your eye?

Death at a Discount by Sharon Dunn

Head bargain hunter Ginger and her BHN buddy, Suzanne, are in a wintry Denver suburb for an appearance on the Discount and Value network. After a visit with family goes awry, Suzanne relapses into compulsive shopping.

Meanwhile, Ginger has ideas of becoming a financial wizard for the coupon-clipping crowd, but someone else has a more sinister plan in mind.
It’s not lon
g before a network hostess is found dead.

e the crew and hostesses argue, a spy steals industry secrets, and a harsh Colorado snowstorm causes everything to shut down–including the electricity. Ginger and the others are trapped in the network studio with the killer.

Can Ginger sort through the suspects and find the killer in the dark before he or she keeps Ginger off the air forever?

Releasing January, 2009

Outlaw Marshal by Al and Joanna Lacy

John “The Stranger” Brockman is back by popular

For Chief U.S. Marshal John Brockman, becoming a friend to former outlaw Whip Langford is easy. Saving his life is more complicated.
With John Broc
kman strongly encouraging him to accept salvation, former outlaw Whipley Langford determines to go straight. He won’t turn his life over to Christ, but he won’t go back to a life of robbing banks and trains either.

It’s not long before Whip is tracking old acquai
ntances, acting as a lawman without actually being one. Whip intercepts a train robbery and catches two of the thieves, but the two who escape frame him for murder.

John must ride hard and fast to save his friend from the noose, because it’s not only John Brockman
who has grown fond of Whip. Beautiful widow Annabeth Cooper’s heart is also at stake.

Releasing January, 2009

The god cookie by Geoffrey Wood

Would you
know if he did, if God really spoke to you– would it be booming from the heavens or just in your head?

If it was in your head, how would you know if it
was God or wasn’t?

Is God speakin
g right now but we’re just not listening?

And if God
does tell you something…what would
you do about it?

Meet Parrish. He’s a regular guy, owns a coffee shop. He happens to be shooting the breeze with his buddies at the neighborhood Chinese buffet, talking about the dents in golf balls and such, when the discussion develops into a debate on wh
ether or not God still speaks to people. When his friends skip out and he is left alone, Parrish tells God he's “all in.” Ready to listen, do what he’s told, and see what happens. Only moments later, back at his table, he opens his fortune cookie to find a surprise -- instead of a proverbial statement, he reads a directive from God.

“To the corner.”

God, via cookie, sends him on this first step of a seemingly absurd adventure. His quest sends him to the corner bus stop, where he finds a dropped and forgotten letter, written in a desperate tone, to help those God brings across his path. There, Parrish befriends Audra, a nursing student who rides the bus home. A
nd together they begin to follow the god cookie message, pursuing the random threads of the experiment, tying them together and discovering more about themselves than either ever imagined possible.

Releasing February, 2009

If Tomorrow Never Comes by Marlo Schalesky

Childhood sweethearts Kinna and Jimmy Henley had simple dreams–marriage, children, a house by the sea…everything they needed for happily ever after. What they didn’t plan on was years of infertility, stealing those dreams, crushing their hopes.
Now, all that’s left is the memory of young love, and the desperate need
for a child to erase the pain. Until… Kinna rescues an elderly woman from the sea, and the threads of the past, present, and future weave together to reveal the wonder of one final hope. One final chance to follow not their dreams, but God’s plan.

Can they embrace the redemptive power of love before it’s too late? O
r will their love be washed away like the castles they once built upon the sand? The past whispers to the present. And the future shivers.

What if tomorrow never comes?

Releasing March, 2009

Meltdown by Chuck Holton

The global war on terror has reached catastrophic proportions, leading the U.S. Special Operations EOD team–Task Force Valor–to Chernobyl, where ghosts of past disasters are nothing compared to the nu
clear nightmare about to unfold.

With CIA Agent Mary “Phoenix” Walk
er heading her first Special Ops mission and Master Sergeant Bobby Sweeney fighting demons on and off the battlefield, Task Force Valor races to stop a terrorist threat in the Ukraine before Europe is turned into a radioactive wasteland.

But when the terror reaches American shores, the team is powerless to help until they can save themselves. And when they finally track down the source of the chaos, what they find is worse than anything they could have imagined.

Releasing April, 2009

A Flickering Light by Jane Kirkpatrick

Returning to her Midwest roots, award-winning author Jane Kirkpatrick draws a page from her grandmother’s photo album to capture the interplay between shadow and light, temptation and faith that marks a woman’s pursuit of her dreams.
She took exquisite photographs, but her heart was the true image exposed.

Fifteen-year-old Jessie Ann Gaebele loves nothing more than capturing a gorgeous Minnesota landscape when the sunlight casts its most mesmerizing shadows. So when F.J. Bauer hires her in 1907 to assist in his studio and darkroom, her dreams for a career in photography appear to find root in reality. With the infamous hazards of the explosive powder used for lighting and the toxic darkroom chemicals, photography is considered a man’s profession. Yet Jessie shows remarkable talent in both the artistry and business of running a studio. She proves less skillful, however, at managing her growing attraction to the very married Mr. Bauer.

This luminous coming-of-age tale deftly exposes the intricate shadows that play across every dream worth pursuing–and the irresistible light that beckons the dreamer on.

Releasing April, 2009


Lalycairn said...

Mmmm. The God Cookie looks fun, and enjoyable. I always enjoy Jane Kirkpatrick's books, and have read most of them, and added them to my "must keep" list, so definately A Flickering Light. If Tomorrow Never Comes and Meltdown also look intriquing!
So many books, so little time.

Ladytink_534 said...

Sharon Dunn's book sounds like it would fit in over at Berkley's Prime Crime! The God Cookie just sounds funny to me though. I wish I could remember what it is but I read a book kind of similar to A Flickering Light before. I remember really liking it though....

Tracy said...

If only I had the time to sit and indulge myself in reading until all the wonderful books I see have been read!!!!

CherryBlossomMJ said...

Now this is the kind of post that intrigues me. How did you know about these coming soon? Were you told about them? Did you stumble across them? Is there an email list I need to get on?

cherryblossommj (at)gmail [dot] com

Rel said...

Great comments, everyone - thanks for taking the time :)

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