Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Diamond Duo by Marcia Gruver ~ Blog Tour

What is it about?

When Abe and Annie step off the train in Jefferson, Texas, the entire town seems to stop and indulge itself in the vision of Annie’s beauty, particularly the men. Bertha Biddie decides then and there that she must befriend Annie and learn her secret to wooing men’s hearts in order to turn the heart of one Thaddeus Bloom for herself. What Bertha doesn’t realise is that Thad’s heart is already set on her, but for some reason holds himself back.

Henry and Sarah King work hard to eke out a simple existence for themselves. Despite keeping to themselves and trying to avoid too much contact with white folks, they seem to find themselves at the centre of attention when Sarah makes a shocking discovery.

What I thought:

From the first sentence Marcia Gruver captured me with her stunningly beautiful prose. The characters of ‘Diamond Duo’ quickly came to life, engaging me further. And just when I was wondering exactly what the story line was, it revealed itself.

Bertha is a charismatic and quirky character. While at first she seems impetuous, her soft hearted care for others shines through quickly. Her impetus for striking up a friendship with Annie is quickly overshadowed and set aside when Bertha realises more serious problems face her new friend and she seeks to do all she can to help.

Marcia’s inclusion of Henry and Sarah King’s story at first made me wonder at their presence. However, their struggles with racism and being black offer insights into life in the South in 1877 that put later chapters into perspective.

Marcia has taken a real life story and skilfully blended it with fiction to create the gem that is ‘Diamond Duo’. She uses both ordinary life and tragic circumstances to portray the truth that God is trustworthy to take care of the details in our lives in a way that encourages the reader to do the same.

Guest reviewer:~ my good friend Tracy from Beyond My Picket Fence

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Marcia Gruver said...

I'm double-portion blessed by this lovely review. Thank you!

juliepollitt said...

This is a wonderful book. I loved every minute of it!

Ausjenny said...

I love this book i have about 80 pages to go and its wonderful.
I love sarah and henry also.

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