Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Winners of the Big Aussie Christmas Giveaway are.....

Well, was this fun and confusing to figure out! Thank goodness for the Random Number Generator - LOL!

I just wish to repeat that a condition of entry was an Australian mailing address. If your name is below and you do not have an Aussie mailing address you are ineligible to receive the book and it will be redrawn.

Now, something I didn't tell you about the giveaway was that I had multiple copies of a couple of the books so here are the winners:~

Skid ~ Heather and Misty

Embrace Me ~ Jane

In The Shadow of Lions ~ Jaana

The Rook ~ Angela

Conspiracy in Kiev ~ Believe

Try Dying ~ ad

That's (Not Exactly) Amore ~ Naomi

Legend of the Firefish ~ Danielle

With Endless Sight ~ Elyse

Truffles by the Sea ~ Leola

Wishing on Dandelions ~ Allison

The Secret of Us ~ Allison

The Root of All Evil ~ Wendyb

Forsaken ~ Beth and Tracy

Red Helmet ~ Jewelz, Heather, Leola, Louise and Jane

To claim your prize, you must email me your mailing address within 7 days. If I do not hear from you within this time frame the book will be redrawn in favour of another entrant. Thanks for your understanding :)


Angela said...

How exciting, thanks Rel.

jaana said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Rel,

Thank you so much, this is a lovely christmas surprise.....Heather

Ausjenny said...

Congrats to all the winners.

Tracy said...

Oh how exciting...I'm in for a real adventure! Thanks Rel.

Jane said...

Thanks SO much. I'm really excited and looking forward to a good holiday read.

Beth said...

Wow!!! Just in time for Christmas too. Thanks for the present, Rel. You're amazing!!
Merry Christmas!

MIsty said...

Thanks! I am so excited! What a great present!

HeatherH said...

Congratulations everyone and thanks Rel for your generosity once again. I got excited when I saw my name in the list of winners - until I remembered I never got around to leaving a comment to enter the giveaway. LOL! =D Another Heather...

Naomi said...

Thats great Rel. Thanks. I think you know my addy.

Elyse said...

Cool! Thanks heaps!! I'll email you my address.

Danielle said...

So exciting!!! I emailed you my addy -- if for some reason it didn't get through, do let me know and I'll resend. Thank you so much!!!


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