Sunday, 14 December 2008

The Bone Box by Bob Hostetler

Archaeologist Randall Bullock’s world is imploding. Unable to move past his wife's death, his career is in tatters and his relationship with his only daughter almost non-existent. Pushed by his mentor to make one last attempt to resurrect his career, Rand heads to Israel to decipher the authenticity of newly discovered ossuaries which may hold evidence confirming the outrageous claims of Jesus of Nazareth.

Threatened by some enraged Haredi Jews as he investigates the burial site, Rand is given protection in the form of Sergeant Major Miriam Sharon, a woman he is drawn to. Further complicating an already tense situation is the surprise arrival of Rand's daughter Tracy, desperate to know her father yet carrying a whole world of anger towards him.

Attacked physically and emotionally, Rand is confronted by his own disbelief as the evidence he uncovers has implications for those of all faiths.

The Bone Box
is a tale of a tried and true plot with an unbelieving archaeologist discovering evidence pointing to the truth of Jesus' death and resurrection. Rand is a likeable guy, living with regrets regarding his marriage and his poor attempts at fatherhood. Tracy's appearance provides extra dimension to both Rand's character and the plot, and provides the romantic element to the story. Interspersed throughout the book are chapters devoted to the time period A.D.18 to A.D. 37 and the events that led to the burial of the ossuaries, which are particularly fascinating and build great tension. Bob Hostetler has written a solid story with multi-dimensional characters and a significant faith element that will intrigue readers who enjoy political and archaeological suspense.

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Angela said...

This books sounds like it will draw you in very quickly filled with fantastic archaeology & history what a great combination.

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