Saturday 10 July 2010

Interview with Colton Neeley ~ Nightshade's Sniper

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Colton "Cowboy" Neeley
from Digitalis

Former Force Recon Sniper, Colton Neeley loves his family, his horse, his team and God with the same devotion he showed in defence of his country. While he would probably prefer to be mucking stables than answering probing questions about himself, he's a good sport, so here's our interview.

Over to you, Colton:~

Rel: Why th
e Marines for a cowboy such as yourself?

Colton: was the nearest recruiting office? Nah, seriously, my heroes from Nam were Force Recon, so I wanted that--wanted
to be like those heroes.

What are three of the most important abilities for a sniper?

Not sure it can be nailed down in three, to be honest. I see five things that are vitally important to
a successful mission. Stealth, observation, marksmanship, fieldcraft (stalking, cover and concealment, etc.), and loads of patience.

Ask the other bo
ys of Nightshade to describe you and share, please.

Dawg, you sure know how to make a guy squirm. Isn't this my interview? All right, all right. I'll never live this down if i don't. Here's what they said:

Max: Colton is a fortress of strength. But his obsession with Hastings Department store has me worried.

Griffin: He's a solid man, one you can always count on, no matter the fight, home or abroad. A fire buddy in the truest sense of the word.

I admire the man. War tried to sink him, but he fought the current, got solid footing. Wish we all could.

The Kid: just when you think you know a man, he dumps you in a river. At least the guy can laugh when it's needed. But I see him grounding the rest of us with his Bible and his wisdom. He's the type of guy you want to be when you "grow up."

Fix: the man has faith, and to me, known as Fix because of my crucifix, that's important. He knows where he's going when his number's up, so he's not afraid to face the fight. That's the type of man I want to fight with.

Fess up, what was it about Piper that first caught your eye?

Have you seen her? She's incredible. And it's not the looks that sealed the deal for me, but the one thing that I couldn't pin down right off yet pulled me the most, was the strength of character that you
can see clear as day in her eyes. Even when I got her in face, she remained undaunted. I like a woman like that, who can stand up and not back down when she believes in something. It's admirable.

The Kid hides your Stetson ~ how do you deal with him?

Sic Max on him? ::chuckles:: Naw, that wouldn't be a fair fight. But it's a Resistol Cattle Baron, and even though the Kid could cough up the dough, I paid good money for that hat and I'd be right ticked if something happened to it. But then again, things aren't important. People are--it's a lesson I'm trying to learn.

Firefox is one of the other females in your life - tell us about her?

Now see there? You're talking my language. Firefox is an incredible animal. Swift, beautiful, gentle--well, in her own way. We have an understanding. My pop says I have a way with animals, and Firefox and I sort of grew up together.

What is your favourite thing to do with your daughter McKenna?

Anything. Mickey's a breath of fresh air in this messed up world. My mom says kids are God's way of saying the world should go on...and with Mickey in it, I reckon she's right.

Any tatts?

Nah, never saw the point. Although the Kid's been threatening to return the favor Legend and I paid him and have me inked some night. To that, I just reminded him I'm rarely caught off guard.

You're a sweet man, Colton ~ thanks for stepping up! Everyone is going to love your story when Digitalis releases in January. Next weekend, Canyon's under the pump so be sure to come back and find out more about "Midas", the good looking one of the team ;-)

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Ronie Kendig said...

LOVE IT!! Thank you so much, Rel. It came out awesome! Colton is much obliged to ya, too. :-D

Renee (BlacknGoldGirlsBookSpot) said...

Gaaaa why do have to torture me like this? You just posted this 'cause you know he's my fave and his story doesn't release till JANUARY! Anyways it was great and I LOL'd at Max's response!

XOXO~ Renee

Shannon McNear said...

Bwaaahahahaha ... this was great! Thanks, Rel and Ronie!! (oh, and err, Colton too! ;-) )

Jan Marie said...

This is terrific! Love reading these interviews - makes them seem so real!

Jan Marie

Jenny said...

Liking the visual on this fella...*wink* Looking forward to reading this series.

Julie J. said...

This is torture...January can't get here soon enough! I love Cowboy (so far he's my favorite...Max takes second)! I love his daughter's name too...McKenna is so cute!

I'm with Max about Hastings though...that's not so "manly" if you know what I mean....does Cowboy have time to read or watch movies??

Mark said...

enjoying these interviews!

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