Saturday 12 April 2008

Healing Promises by Amy Wallace

FBI Agent Clint Rollins knows he is a blessed man! He has a beautiful and intelligent wife, two mischievous but lovable children, a rewarding career pursuing justice for the innocent, good looks, peak fitness and Texan charm in abundance! God is good.

Taking a bullet rescuing a young boy seems a small price to pay to return him to his grateful family, until routine testing in the hospital leads to a diagnosis that is incomprehensible to Clint and paralysing to his oncologist wife, Sara.

As treatment saps his strength, weakens his mind and threatens his career, Clint lets pride and fear take hold driving a wedge between him and those he loves. Now, where is God's goodness?

Healing Promises, the sequel to Ransomed Dreams, chronicles the painful journey of a family confronted by an unseen and formidable enemy, tossing them into a tailspin of despair and paralysed by the fear that God may say no to the cries of their hearts. Clint and Sara's heartache became agonisingly real to me due to Amy Wallace's ability to write with unparalleled poignancy and authenticity. No pat answers or watered down emotions to be found as Clint rages against his diagnosis and Sara's faith stumbles. I shared their desperate pleas for healing, empathised with Sara's feelings of inadequacy and failure and held my breath with every prognosis. Within this maelstrom of emotion, Amy writes a taut subplot of the Crimes Against Children Unit's search for a serial killer, introduces an intriguing and electrifying attraction between Agent Michael Parker and Hanna Kessler and underpins each page with hope and the faithfulness of God. The progression of CACU Chief Steven Kessler and Gracie Lang's relationship is also not to be missed!

Healing Promises is one of the most challenging and uplifting stories I have read in some time and Amy's blossoming talent is exciting for anyone who loves exceptional romantic suspense.

Check out my fun Q & A with Amy and find out where she spent her teenage years and why she didn't become a marine biologist instead of an author!

Be sure to read Ransomed Dreams before Healing Promises if you can. Read my review of Ransomed Dreams, here.

Amy's website is interactive and well worth a look! You can also sign up for her newsletter, enter contests and read her inspiring blog.


Anonymous said...

Great review Rel!! Really looking forward to getting my hands on this book.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to reading this one Rel. Great interview as always. Love Me

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