Friday, 26 March 2010

Coming in late 2010 from B&H Publishing

B&H Publishing Group continue to impress me with the quality and diversity of the books they are publishing, not only through B&H Fiction but also their Fidelis line, headed by Oliver North.

B&H have just announced a book deal with fabulous suspense novelist, Brandliyn Collins, starting with a story about Lyme Disease ~ read more about that at Brandilyn's blog.

Now, I can't wait for Tracy Higley's first Lost Cities novel, Petra! And of course, I love Jamie's books and Leanna's, too. It is all good :)


Petra by TL Higley

Petra, the wondrous ancient city carved from the mountains of modern Jordan, is at the height of its glory in this gripping historical novel by T. L. Higley. A young widow, Cassia, and her son, Alexander, have arrived there seeking protection with her late husband's estranged family. But when Cassia discovers the man she married was heir to the throne, t
he power-hungry Queen Hagiru plots to murder Alexander so that her own child will someday rule. The queen, priestess of the sun-god, Dushrat, calls on demonic powers in her quest, but Cassia is prepared for the fierce spiritual battle to save her son, joining a Roman named Julian and his community of believers in the Jewish Messiah. Together they seek a mighty movement of God far stronger than any dark heart or city made of stone.

September, 2010

Facelift by
Leanna Ellis

Kaye Redmond stages houses for resale, so masking trouble spots with strategic decor comes naturally. She does it in her personal life as well-her can-do attitude and ready smile disguising
the emotional wear-and-tear of a failed marriage and raising a teenage daughter alone. But when her former mother-in-law comes back around, desperate for a place to stay while recovering from a botched facelift, Kaye begins to realize there's a much more authentic way to brighten one's countenance: look to God and His plan for her life.

October, 2010

The Snowflake by Jamie Carie

It's Christmas in 1897, and Ellen Pierce and her brother are determined to reach the Alaska gold rush. But when ice stalls their steamship, all seems lost, until Buck Lewis makes a proposal: he'll lead all who dare follow on foot to
ward Dawson City. Buck is determined to leave behind a heartbreaking past. No amount of ice or weather will stop him. But he never counted on a woman joining a dangerous wilderness trek-or on falling in love with her.

In her first novella, award-winning author Jamie Carie couples soul-deep romance with epic adventure to give a joyful reminder of a redeeming God who makes us each unique, yet loves us all the same.

October, 2010


Tracy said...

I always enjoy books published by B&H. Those ones all look amazing.

Tales of Whimsy said...

Ooo I am totally obsessed with seeing Petra one day. Maybe I should read this one?

The Snowflake sounds adorable!

Scrappy quilter said...

Looks like interesting reading.

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