Thursday, 31 March 2011

Character Spotlight ~ Richard Mabry's Elena Gardner

Dr. Elena Gardner

Richard Mabry, M.D. has turned a medical career into a storytelling one! Mixing medicine and suspense has become his forte. Be sure to pick up his his latest book, Diagnosis Death, and enjoy.

Over to you, Doc:~

Brief physical description

Dr. Elena Gardner has long dark hair, brown eyes, and a model figure. Her looks hint at her Hispanic heritage—her father was a wealthy Mexican businessman, her mother the daughter of a US diplomat—and she definitely turns heads.

Actor/famous person

She’s been compared with Eva Longoria.

Strengths and weaknesses

Elena has the strengths exhibited by any woman who completes medical training: the ability to work hard, to focus her thoughts and efforts even when personal problems come along, and a sharp mind.

Unfortunately, she isn’t always as self-confident as she might be, especially when circumstances keep cropping up that make her doubt herself.

Quirk (if any)

Elena is ambivalent about her heritage—both embarrassed and proud. Since she was reared by her mother’s sister after her parents were killed in an auto accident, she grew up as an Anglo, barely speaking any Spanish.

Your inspiration for the character

Actually, the inspiration for the story stemmed from the accusations levelled against a friend and colleague that he engaged in euthanasia of critically ill patients during the Hurricane Katrina disaster. Because I’m a native Texan and familiar with the Hispanic culture, I changed Elena to a female doctor with the mixed heritage I’ve described.

Background to the story

In addition to the story about my colleague I’ve mentioned, I was tasked with discontinuing life support after my first wife suffered a fatal stroke, so I knew the emotional turmoil involved in such a decision. That led me to think in terms that evolved into the story of Diagnosis Death: what if a doctor is accused of mercy killings, including her own husband, and despite threatening midnight phone calls and a damaged professional reputation, she won’t—or can’t—defend herself?

Thanks Doc ~ always a pleasure to have you make a house call ;-)

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Joy Tamsin David said...

Elena's character sounds intriguing!

Christa Allan said...


Your inspiration for character reminded me of those horrific post-Katrina days and weeks almost six years ago now.

And reading the background to the story humbled me.

Looking forward to this.


Marjorie/cenya2 said...

I just love Dr. Mabry's books, they
are definitely page turners and he is the absolute best Christian mystery writer.
Thanks for giving us another book to look forward to reading.

Richard Mabry said...

Rel, Thanks for letting me introduce your readers to Dr. Elena Gardner. And thanks, folks, for your kind words. Hope you enjoy the book.

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