Monday, 23 August 2010

Medical Error by Richard Mabry, M.D.


Dr. Anna McIntyre’s life was going along just fine until someone else started living it. Her patient died because of an identity mix-up; her medical career is in jeopardy because of forged prescriptions; and her credit is in ruins. She thought things couldn’t get worse, but that was before she opened the envelope and saw a positive HIV test with her name on it.

Her allies are two men who are also competing for her affection. Dr. Nick Valentine is a cynic who carries a load of guilt. Attorney Ross Donovan is a recovering alcoholic. The deeper Anna digs to discover who’s behind the identity thefts the higher the stakes. Finally, when her life is on the line, Anna finds that her determination to clear her name might have been a prescription for trouble.

My take:~

Richard Mabry returns with his unique brand of medical suspense and a determined heroine with Medical Error, following his solid and engaging debut novel, Code Blue. Richard is clearly honing his craft as he has created a more complex mystery with a few surprise twists along the way. His compelling characters wrestle with feelings, frustrations and regrets in an authentic manner and the final outcome of Anna's dilemma and her romantic triangle remain in doubt until the final pages. Medical terminology is expertly used and will satisfy the knowledgeable reader without confusing the rest of us! Intriguing and absorbing, Medical Error highlights the contemporary crime of identity theft, provides a satisfying mystery with a dash of romance, making it a most recommended read.

With thanks to the author from my review copy

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Richard Mabry said...

Rel, Thanks for introducing your readers to Medical Error, and for your kind words about it.

Jenny said...

I enjoyed Code Blue and am looking forward to Medical Error as well. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. :)

Ann Shorey said...

Sounds like a great story. Dr. Mabry is a charming man--can't wait to read his latest.

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