Monday, 2 August 2010

Character Spotlight ~ Robin Caroll's Lincoln Vailes & Jade Laurent

Lincoln & Jade

Robin Caroll is back with Lincoln Vailes, first introduced in Deliver Us From Evil, in a new town with a new career. Robin's romantic suspense is fast paced and appealing.

Enjoy this insight into Lincoln & Jade. Over to you, Robin:~

Brief physical description

Hero Lincoln Vailes is an alpha-male all around. Dark hair and looks like he belongs on the cover of GQ!

Jade Laurent is young, cheeky, and looks Hispanic in origin. Long, dark hair with cascading waves.

Actor/famous person

Hmmm..this one is hard. I try not to think of any “real” person to create my character after.

Rel: Seeing Robin couldn't choose, I did! Jesse Metcalfe for Lincoln and Roselyn Sanchez for Jade. What do you think?

Strengths and weaknesses

Strengths: For Lincoln, his strength is his compassion for others and his need to take care of them. For Jade, her strength is being a survivor, despite a hard childhood.

Weaknesses: Lincoln’s is definitely his human reaction to his father’s illness. Jade’s is her soft spot for women and children.

Quirk (if any)

Jade’s is that she rocks and hums when nervous or upset.

Your inspiration for the character

Lincoln was featured in DELIVER US FROM EVIL, and I fashioned a lot of his personality after my own brother. Jade came from a girl I knew briefly in college.

Background to the story

After hurting Lincoln in DELIVER US FROM EVIL, I knew I had to give his story light and bring about a happy ending for him. After meeting a couple of former gang members who’d given their lives to Jesus in prison, and now were working to lead other gang members out of the life of crime and into salvation, I knew exactly what my social issue in FEAR NO EVIL would be.

Robin ~ always a pleasure to have you and your characters visit! Book me in for In the Shadow of Evil next year :)

On Thursday, the spotlight shines on Bodie & Brock Thoene's Loralei Bittick and Eben Golah from the newly released The Gathering Storm.

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