Monday, 9 August 2010

Character Spotlight ~ Lisa Samson's May Seymour


Lisa Samson is a writer like no other ~ her books are always unique, beautifully written, confronting and inspiring. I'm looking forward to sharing this book with my book club as our final 2010 selection.

Enjoy this insight into May:~

May Seymour could be two people throughout the pages of Resurrection in May. A bleached blonde, mini-dress wearing, tanning booth haunting college girl, who, upon graduating from University of Kentucky and living the partying life, realizes her world needs to expand, May bubbles and pops, a vibrant young woman beginning to ask important questions.

Eight years later, having survived the Rwandan genocide and taken
up residence on a peaceful little farm in a remote area of Kentucky--having never stepped foot off that farm, actually, May, prematurely grey hair hanging well past her backside, wears workclothes and whatever blouse Sister Ruth buys her at the thrift store.

A roaring case of untreated PTSD takes her from spa to
blah practically overnight!

May's strength is, thoughout the book, her regard of people. Perhaps she doesn't always make the wisest of choices when considering her own life, but to May, people matter. Even at he
r most wild stages, May wouldn't have knowingly hurt a living soul, or if she was forced to, the grief would be her penance. However, not hurting someone, and placing yourself at risk to love someone else are two vastly different equations. This is part of May's journey.

As she painfully transforms from a nice person to a fierce lover of the people God loves, her path is pebbled with heartache. May chooses to implode, something a lot of us would like to do. It was
interesting for me to write about a person I've secretly always longed to be: reclusive, safe, and living a life with little risk. Unfortunately, that's the antithesis of the gospel, isn't it? (Ugh! That Jesus!)

Lisa ~ thanks so much for sharing. It is a pleasure to have you at Relz Reviewz again :)

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