Thursday, 23 July 2009

June Bug by Chris Fabry ~ Tracy's Take

What is it About?

Nine year old June Bug never thought to question anything her Daddy told her. Not until the day she walked into a Walmart in Colorado and found herself staring at a picture of herself on the board of missing children. All of a sudden June Bug (or is her name Natalie Anne Edwards?) starts to question everything about her life and who her Daddy really is.

Johnson and June Bug have lived a vagabond life in an RV, drifting wherever the road takes them. They’ve never been inclined to stay too long in one place, lest someone discover Johnson’s secret. Three weeks in Colorado waiting on a part of their broken down RV is the thread that begins to unravel Johnson’s carefully protected secret and the life he has built with June Bug.

As he begins to face June Bug’s newfound knowledge, Johnson knows that he needs to make some life-changing decisions. Will he have the courage to do the right thing? Or will he choose to keep his heart in one piece?

What I thought:

Chris Fabry’s exceptional artistry as an author is once again demonstrated in the poignantly written tale of ‘June Bug’. It is a truly worthy companion to Chris’s debut adult novel ‘Dogwood’.

The story ‘June Bug’ is told predominantly through the eyes of a nine year old girl, who begins to really examine her life and the secrets she never knew existed. Chris gives this little girl a voice that illuminates the depths of a child’s heart and thoughts. It is with a great deal of skill that Chris balances quite mature thoughts with the reality that there is much a nine year old cannot know. I found June Bug to be a girl I’d love to know in real life. A girl full of spunk, endearingly precocious and fiercely loyal, June Bug’s character works her way into your heart before you know it.

‘June Bug’ is the very definition of bittersweet. As the final chapters reveal all the details of the truth Johnson kept hidden, my heart broke and tears flowed. It is through these final revelations that Chris deftly ties together the threads that challenge one’s thoughts on justice and mercy, of doing the right thing and of honesty and integrity.

Chris Fabry’s exceptional style and his mastery of the written word will solidify his already well-earned place on bookshelves across the globe.

Guest reviewer:~ my dear friend Tracy from Beyond My Picket Fence

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rachel said...

I had heard this book was a retelling of the Les Miserables story.

As Les Miserables is my favourite novel, I was excited by this prospect.

Can you speak to any comparisons you may have found?

I am looking forward to the book.

Tracy said...

Unfortunately, Rachel, I cannot. I am not familiar with the Les Miserable story so I cannot draw any comparisons.

But certainly, you would love that dimension. 'June Bug' is a great book on its own standing, so I'm sure that dimension will add an extra layer of significance for you.

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