Sunday, 20 May 2007

Tribulation House by Chris Well

"GET RIGHT OR GET LEFT" is the slogan for Tribulation House, "a major theatrical evangelistic full-sensory ministry outreach" lovingly planned by Mark Hogan's Kansas City church, The Last Church of God's Imminent Will. When Reverend Daniel Glory bursts in on a planning meeting for the Tribulation House spectacular, announcing he has determined the Rapture will take place on 17th October at 5:51am, the team is instilled with an even greater urgency to minister to the lost, none more so than Mark Hogan. But when Mark's thoughts start turning to more selfish desires and the time running out to fulfil his lifetime dream of owning a boat, he hatches a plan to acquire that 2008 Bayliner 192 by any means, before the Lord's return!

Gangsters Ross Cleaver and Bill Lamb, attempting to establish a thriving "insurance cooperative" (aka protection racket), police detectives Charlie Pasch and Tom Griggs of the Joint Task Force against organised crime, digging dirt on the mob and City Council candidate Hank Barton, schmoozing among the church's faithful to grab their vote, all find themselves caught up in a mystery of unearthly proportions that just may change their lives for eternity.

Chris Well has sharpened his pen with Tribulation House and given us a satirical look at one man's desperate attempt to grasp his earthly desires in the belief he knows the date of the Second Coming. Sometimes it was hard to keep up with the constantly changing point of view but once you overcome that it is a satisfying read. Filled to the brim with humour, mystery, unconventional and entertaining characters with a foundation of spiritual truths that makes you sit up and take notice, Chris Well has stamped himself as a incisive and profound writer. Detectives Pasch and Griggs are back with Charlie's attempts to find a way to serve his congregation on Sundays an endless source of hilarity. Mark Hogan is a misguided and selfish character but every honest reader will see a little bit of themselves in his thoughts and actions.

Tribulation House entertains, enlightens, tickles your funny bone and leaves you with much to ponder.


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