Wednesday, 9 May 2007

The Scarlet Trefoil by L. A. Kelly

5 Stars

The enigmatic and transformed Tahn Dorn returns in the final installment of L. A. Kelly's enthralling medieval/fantasy Tahn trilogy.

On the eve of his long awaited wedding to the beloved Lady Netta Trillett, Tahn Dorn fears his new found peace and happiness simply cannot last as the weight of his troubled past haunts him.

Tragically, Tahn's worst fear becomes reality when Netta's guards are slaughtered and she is abducted. Tormented, Tahn sacrifices his freedom with the hope that Netta's life may be spared but he knows that his enemy's evil hatred and overwhelming desire for revenge may destroy all he has come to love.

I was captivated by The Scarlet Trefoil, not only for the well written period piece that it is, brimming with mystery and drama but for the exceptional character study of the Dorn himself. Tahn's journey from cold-hearted assassin to a forgiven man of God is one worth travelling. His is a tormented soul, his heart damaged by childhood atrocities, trying to grasp the love of God, Netta and the boys he has saved but afraid to fully embrace that love lest it be stripped away. L. A. Kelly's writing is gripping in its intensity and emotional pull. The Scarlet Trefoil is a fine ending to this fabulous series.


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