Sunday, 20 May 2007

Blast from the Past ~ In Honor Bound by DeAnna Julie Dodson

I am planning to post once a month a "Blast from the Past" book review, choosing an old favourite of mine or one published prior to 2004. There are some wonderful books still available in stores or at Amazon and if you have missed them it may be worth seeking a copy out.

My first Blast from the Past is In Honor Bound, published in 1997 by Crossway Books, the first in DeAnna Julie Dodson's medieval Chastelayne Trilogy.

Prince Philip's first love is considered unacceptable to his father King Robert. When his scheming advisor Dunois contemplates the unthinkable, King Robert becomes complicit in an event which devastates Philip's soul.

Lady Rosalynde's first meeting with Philip, while they were still children, changed her heart forever and nothing pleases her more when she discovers her father and King Robert have arranged for her marriage to him. Her joy is soon corroded by Philip's cold heart and his implacable commitment to contain his emotions. Rosalynde determines to love her husband anyway but when betrayal and war closes in around them, Philip's failure to forgive may destroy them all.

In Honor Bound is replete with all you would expect from a medieval romance, kings and princes, war and treachery, devotion and grace. DeAnna Julie Dodson doesn't stop there ~ she has developed fascinating multifaceted characters who struggle with their demons time and again, in ways that are authentic and compelling. Philip's angst over wrongs perpetuated upon him by his father is palpable and Rosalynde's devotion in spite of his rejection, a powerful reflection of God's love. An excellent beginning to a trilogy I would love to complete reading!

Check back next month for a review of Legend of the Emerald Rose by Linda Wichman.


Dawn Burns said...

Great idea!
Can't wait to see more of your old favorites.

Cee Cee said...

Ditto that!

Rel said...

Thanks girls :)

Deena said...

Hey, I like this idea! There's so much good stuff to read...and a "classic" review is a cool idea!

I may have to try this...way cool idea, Rel!!

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