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Getting to know Camy Tang

Camy Tang writes romance with a kick of wasabi. She used to be a biologist, but now she is a staff worker for her church youth group and leads a worship team for Sunday service. She also runs the Story Sensei fiction critique service. On her blog, she gives away Christian novels every Monday and Thursday, and she ponders frivolous things like dumb dogs (namely, hers), coffee-geek husbands (no resemblance to her own...), the writing journey, Asiana and anything else that comes to mind.

Visit her website at
http://www.camytang.com/ for a huge website contest going on right now, giving away ten boxes of books and 30 copies of her latest release, SINGLE SASHIMI.

Here's what the lovely Camy had to say to Relz Reviewz:~

If you could have chosen your own name, what would it be?

Silver. Because I like the color and the jewelry, and I read a lot of fantasy when I was younger, hence the romantic imagination. :)

Your first pet's name?

It wasn't really MY pet, it was my Mom's dog, but his name was Ami (French for friend) and he was this tiny black toy poodle.

Your best friend's name in primary (elementary) school

I, alas, was a loser. I had no friends. But I found Jesus when I was thirteen, and then suddenly I realized I didn't need earthly friends to feel complete.

Did you have a special toy that went everywhere with you when you were young? Please describe.

I don't remember this, but my mom says I took my Raggedy Ann doll with me everywhere. I stopped bringing her places when I got older, because she got replaced with a book. And I've kept that special toy with me ever since. :)

If you could meet a famous person, who would it be?

I'm such a weirdo, but I'd really like to meet Jessica Alba, because I think she's absolutely
gorgeous and I've loved her since the Dark Angel series.

If you were stranded on a desert island what one object would you want with you? (Besides your Bible of course)

My knitting. Does that count as one object? Because if I can't knit, I am not a fun person to be with, trust me.

What's your favourite ice cream flavour?

Vanilla, But I hardly ever have it alone--it's always topped with something like strawberries or nuts or hot fudge.

When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

A writer. No joke! And if I couldn't be a writer, I wanted to be a physicist. Yeah … don't ask.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Italy!!! Can you say, PASTA?????

Besides God, who has influenced you the most?

My mom. She always encouraged my writing and never tried to deter me even though she knew it was highly unlikely I'd ever be published.

What's your favourite book?

Persuasion by Jane Austen. It's the ultimate romance novel, for me. I reread it several times a year, just because I'm a geek.

What part of your daily routine do you enjoy most?

Sleeping. OH, you mean waking hours? When I'm writing, I enjoy the plotting phase the best. I use lots of post it notes and put them all over my closet doors.

What's your favourite movie?

Pride and Prejudice (the BBC miniseries). I have watched it over and over again!

Where's the most interesting place you have been?

I had a great time when I visited China when I was in High School. I don't remember it much because I was young and stupid, but I do remember it was fun and neat.

What's your most fervent prayer?

God, please let me get a book contract!

What's the bravest thing you've ever done?

I am not very brave at all. Hence, my bravest act was becoming a Christian. My second bravest (or stupidest) was adopting my dog from the Humane Society.

What gift have you received that you will always treasure?

My husband gave me a pair of amethyst earrings for my birthday one year. It was unexpected and very sweet.

What is your favourite Bible verse (or "one" of your favourites) and what does it mean to you?

"I, if I be lifted up, will draw all men unto Me." John 12:32

It reminds me to lift up Christ in everything I do, and He'll draw people to Himself.

What was your most embarrassing moment in High School?

I was at study group, and I laughed so hard, I farted. Loudly.

How did your husband propose to you?

At my birthday dinner (actually, it was dinner a few days before my birthday) at a seaside restaurant just after sunset.

What was the best advice you received on marriage before you were married?

To learn to communicate. I think my marriage is pretty good because we've worked hard to learn to communicate with each other. We're still learning and improving, but we avoided a lot of problems our first year because our youth pastor had spent some time in our premarital counseling teaching us how to communicate effectively.

Thanks for having me here, Rel!

A pleasure, Camy :) I have just finished reading Single Sashimi and loved it! My review with be up later this week.

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Julie Lessman said...

Fun, fun interview Camy and Rel!!! Camy, I just got my copy of Single Shashimi and can't wait to dive in to see what Venus is up to!!


Anonymous said...

Great interview!!!!!! Dark Angel with Jessica Alba was my FAVORITE series. I love it. But, then again, I'm into the supernatural stuff.... :-)

Great interview! Thanks.

SmilingSally said...

Enjoyed reading about Camy.

Camy Tang said...

Thanks so much for having me, Rel! This was my funnest interview. :)

Anonymous said...

Great interview. I LOVED some of Camy's answers - "my bravest act was becoming a Christian." Woo-hoo! But the whole session was so candid and revealing about what sounds to me to be a wonderful author I hadn't known about before.

And I LOVE sashimi.

I found this blog during the BBAW contest and I like it - I'll be back often.

Marvin D Wilson, author
Blogs at Free Spirit: http://inspiritandtruths.blogspot.com/
Eye Twitter 2 - http://twitter.com/Paize_Fiddler

Tracy said...

Thanks for a fabulous interview you two.

I loved 'Dark Angel' too. Maybe it was Jessica Alba that drew me because Frank Peretti's books freak me out and they're rather tame, really LOL.

Nise' said...

Camy and I would be great friends as her favorite book and movie are mine as well. My family can't believe how many times I read and watch P & P!.

Rel said...

Thanks so much everyone for dropping by! Camy and I both appreciate the encouragement :)

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