Monday, 23 October 2006

Wounded Healer by Donna Fleisher

4 1/2 stars

Donna's first novel is an exceptional blend of action and suspense, palpable emotions, devoted friendship and the faithfulness of God.

Christina McIntyre is a wounded soul, both from childhood secrets and her life as a soldier in Iraq. A fledgling friendship with fellow soldier, Erin Grayson, develops but is soon tested by tragedy in combat and Chris disappears to the mountains of Colorado, seeking the anonymity she prefers. Erin knows God has placed a burden for Chris on her heart and her faithfulness to that call puts her at odds with her protective husband, Scott. When Chris' life is shattered by another tragic loss, Erin brings a broken Chris into her home and and shows her what true compassion is.

Donna Fleisher's sensitive characterization draws you into the lives of Chris, Erin and the eclectic group of people in the Kimberley Street Community Centre where Erin works and lives. The relationships are genuine and full of the realities of what life is really about. A fantastic start to a compelling series. Check back for my reviews on Warrior's Heart and Valiant Hope to be posted soon.


ausjenny said...

am checking out your reviews. i have alot of unread books you have reviewed. but i read this one and i agree its excellent.
I work in a christian bookshop staffed by voulunteers when i was on i was reading this book. and in some of the action areas a customer would come in and i would jump. I was so caught up in the book it happened about 3 times and not alot of books have done that to me.
I have just bought 2 and 3 and cant wait to read them.

Rel said...

Donna is a great author and person! I have just received an ARC of the final book, Standing Strong to review for Titletrakk - can't wait!

You should check out her blog - she recently write about tasting Vegemite for the first time - I had sent her some - LOL!!

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