Sunday, 11 February 2007

Fair Game by Elizabeth White

4 1/2 Stars
What do you get when you cross a vegetarian animal conservationist with a bow and arrow toting hunter? Fair Game!

Widow Jana Cutrere is heading back to her hometown of Vancleave, Mississipi with her two young children hoping to inherit her grandfather's property and open a wildlife rescue centre. She brings with her a lifetime of regrets but a new faith which gives her hope for the future.

Grant Gonzales has finally convinced Alvin Goff to sell his prime land so he can realise his dream of a hunting reserve and leave the city rat race behind. He didn't count on rescuing a woman, her two kids and an injured deer from the woods nor did he anticipate that it would be Cupid's arrow flying straight for his heart!

Elizabeth White has penned another engaging romance brimming with humour, unique characters and just the right amount of attraction and tension between Jana and Grant. Their differences of opinion are well fleshed out and the moments of conflict are authentic and not trivialised.

Elizabeth has brought back some of my favourite characters of all time, Tommy Lucas and Carrie Gonzales from her novella, The Trouble with Tommy in Sweet Delights . Tommy, Carrie and other quirky secondary characters add depth and spiritedness to the story. While this is a delightful romance, Elizabeth adds extra substance to the story with Jana dealing with the fallout from her wild youth and her own insecurities while Grant contemplates his approach to the animal species of God's creation.

This book is a keeper and leaves me highly anticipating Elizabeth's next novel, Off The Record, releasing August, 2007.


Deborah said...

my goodness, you must be reading the same books i do. i just got done reading this one (i'll have my review up tomorrow) and loved it too!

Anonymous said...

Off The Record looks good.So does Courting Trouble.*grin*

Deborah said...

i'm currently reading Flies on the Butter, My Life as a Doormat, and Blade Silver (last two are library books that due soon...). in my TBR pile is When Bobbie Sang the Blues, Valley of Betrayal and It Happens Every Spring. well those 3 and about 20 other books :)

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