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Character Spotlight ~ Lori Copeland's Jules Matias


Lori Copeland's latest contemporary romance is great and I will have a review up shortly. In the meantime, enjoy this look behind the character, Jules Matias, a complex woman with issues! Doesn't that sound like all of us?!

Over to you, Lori:~

Brief physical description

Jules Matias, short cropped hair, boyish but feminine.

Actor/famous person

The only person who comes to mind would be a younger Demi Moore.

Rel: I've added my pick for Cruz, country singer Chuck Wicks who actually grew up on a potato farm in Smyrna, Delaware!

Strengths and weaknesses

Jules knows her heart, but fails to trust her instincts.

Quirk (if any)

She has a way prioritizing her life in a misguided direction.

Your inspiration for the character

Perhaps me? I have a way of trying to please everyone but myself and like Jules, end up pleasing no one.

Background to the story

The idea for the story started when I was eating a baked potato o
ne evening. Since I’m a pure “City Girl” and I know little about raising potatoes, the idea sparked my interest. Although potatoes are grown more prevalently in Idaho and that region I was surprised to discover many of our French fries and bakers come from a small area in Washington State. I set the plot to “A Man’s Heart” in a small fictional town twenty miles out of Pasco, Washington. This is one area of the country that I have never visited but it’s high on my “long to do” list.

I discovered that internet research sometimes isn’t enough to accurately portray an unfamiliar area. One of my first readers on this story nicely pointed out that Jules and Pop were raising potatoes in a Nuclear Waste Disposal area. She added they might raise them there, but no one would want to eat them. Oh the joys of a writer. “A Man’s Heart” is more than potato raising; it’s a journey of mistakes, sisters trying to form an indelible bond, and claiming lo
ve that cannot be denied.

Every book an author completes is their baby. They wouldn’t send it out if the
y didn’t feel they’d done their best work, but often stories simply do not happen the way an author envisions them. I have three books in my writing career that stand out in my mind--books that turned out the exact way I wanted to tell the story: Monday Morning Faith, A Man’s Heart, and a new project that I have co-authored with Virginia Smith “Dreams” (an Oct 2011 Zondervan release) These are the kinds of books that keep me writing. Every story that I write I intend for that book to be my best; often I fail but sometimes stories do spring off the pages to life exactly as I intend. The characters in “A Man’s Heart” not only fulfilled my expectations but the story captured my heart.

Really appreciate you sharing Jules with us, Lori :) Very much looking forward to your collaboration with Virginia, too.

On Monday the spotlight shines on Jamie Carie's Ellen Pierce & Buck Lewis from her Christmas novella, The Snowflake

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