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Character Spotlight ~ Janelle Mowery's Cade Ramsey & Grace Bradley

Janelle Mowery's second novel in her Colorado Runaway series, When Love Gets in the Way, is available from Harvest House.


Grace Bradley wishes all she touches would turn to gold. Instead, it tends to tarnish.that is, until she finds freedom on the Double K Ranch. Grace is fleeing from the man her father chose to be her husband. But once her heart is captured by her new employer's best friend, and she finally understands the meaning of God's sacrificial love, she relinquishes her independence to save her loved ones.

Cade Ramsey contemplates running for dear life from the accident-prone nuisance he brought to his hometown. The trouble that trails her seems to latch on to him at every turn. But when Grace manages to win his calloused heart, he chases her down, praying he can keep her from following through on a decision that could ruin their lives.

Enjoy meeting Grace & Cade ~ thanks Janelle :)

Brief physical description

Grace Bradley isn’t very tall but what she lacks in height, she tries to make up for in spunk, though she tends to duck and hide when courage fails her. Her long dark hair frames her pale, petite face, though with her new job at the ranch, she’s getting a bit of a tan.

Cade Ramsey’s shoulders are broad because of his job at the livery. He tends to tower over Grace not only in height but in confidence. His wavy dark hair compliments Grace’s.

Actor/famous person 

When I think of Grace, I picture a dark-haired, shorter Keira Knightley, I think because of the role she played in all the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. She’s who Grace would like to be…brave, a fighter.

I know I’ll show my age when I mention this next actor for Cade, but I pictured Patrick Wayne when I wrote Cade. The square jaw, curly hair, and broad shoulders fit him perfectly.
Strengths and weaknesses

Grace’s strength is her determination to succeed. Her weakness is that she doesn’t give herself much credit for much of anything. She spent a great deal of her teen years taking care of her sick mother and she learned a lot about life during those years.

Cade’s strength might also be his weakness in that he has a very soft heart for the downtrodden and strays. It’s how he came to be with, and fall in love with, Grace.

Quirk (if any)

Grace’s quirk is that she’s accident prone, and not just to herself. Anyone around her is likely to become involved with her ‘accidents’.

Your inspiration for the character

Cade came directly from the first book of the series, When All My Dreams Come True. He was the best friend of the hero of that story. He was soft hearted in that story and I wanted to see him find a wife. Grace was created just for Cade. He always rescued the lost and lonely. Grace was that but because she’s also accident prone, big brave Cade is almost afraid to be near her, but he finds he can’t stay away.

Credit: stock.xchang
Background to the story

Grace’s father is trying to force her into marrying a man she doesn’t like at all, so she runs away…using the back of Cade’s wagon as a hiding place. When Cade finds her, she talks him into taking her to his hometown. Cade is getting over a broken heart and wants nothing to do with Grace, yet he finds himself drawn to her, even though she’s inflicted all kinds of pain and trouble on him. When the man Grace is supposed to marry shows up, Cade tries to rescue her, putting himself in danger’s path. Grace learns the meaning of sacrificial love and relinquishes her independence to save her loved ones.

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Ausjenny said...

I love the look of this book.

Beth K. Vogt said...

I really like the sound of this book. There's something about a strong woman who still needs to be protected & a strong on the outside/gentle on the inside man who resists falling in love that always grabs my interest!

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