Saturday, 28 April 2007

Love Me If You Must by Nicole Young

4 Stars

A run down Victorian house, a town with many secrets and a young woman searching for a future while trying to elude her past collide in this debut novel by writer and musician, Nicole Young.

Tish Amble is renovating her newly purchased home, hoping to sell it for a profit and move on to the next project. She is slowly drawn to the inhabitants in the small town of Rawlings, none more so than her attractive neighbour, David and his to die for British accent! When Tish starts hearing voices and faints dead away at a startling vision in her creepy basement, another neighbour reaches out to her, Brad Walters, but his occupation is enough to make Tish supremely suspicious of his motives.

When a man is murdered, as the newcomer in town, Tish quickly becomes the police's number one suspect. Compelled by an inquisitive and imaginative mind Tish begins her own investigation with staggering results!

Nicole Young has perfected Tish's first person voice, creating an appealing and vivacious character whose search for truth, regarding the eerie death and her own spiritual journey, is enthralling and compelling. The book is filled with humour, intrigue and some good old-fashioned hiding under the bed sheets moments! David and Brad are a study in contrasts, both attractive and charismatic yet their inner qualities put them poles apart. The dilemma this creates for Tish is genuine and revealing, enabling the reader to connect even more to Tish's emotions. The ending is surprising, yet wonderfully refreshing.

Love Me If You Must is a fabulous debut and I look forward to reading more of Tish's adventures soon! Available now from Revell.


Deborah said...

i started reading this book last night, read the first 2 chapters and i'm already hooked. can't wait to finish it.

Cee Cee said...

This book rocked! I finished it last night; where is the sequel??

elphabainwicked said...

This author is really great! Once you start reading you can't put her books down. Highly recommend and I don't say that often, though I enjoy many books, this series is awesome!!!

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