Monday, 16 April 2007

Miss Invisible by Laura Jensen Walker

5 Stars

Fredericka Brunhilde Heinz has a dress size as substantial as her name and insecurities galore stemming from the disdain from her disciplinarian father and a lifetime of being invisible to the "beautiful" people in her world. Freddie is not one to rock the boat but when she meets Deborah, a woman larger than life in every possible way, who exudes confidence and challenges Freddie to break free from her self-imposed isolation, Freddie slowly begins to embrace life and take some risks.

However, when a good-looking vet and a charming British chef start to show interest in Freddie, her expectations of rejection multiply - will she be able to let go of her past hurts or let fear spoil any chance she has for a future of hope?

Miss Invisible is a glorious book, challenging all women (and men) to embrace their individuality and love life! Laura Jensen Walker accurately portrays the anxiety most women feel, regardless of size, about their appearance and the lie we all swallow that love, friendship and acceptance can only be achieved by the "perfect" outward appearance. Each character is portrayed with such sensitivity and reality that you feel Freddie's pain, Deborah's joie de vis and Hal and Simon's hesitation and attraction. The ending was not formulaic in any way and is both refreshing and satisfying. Miss Invisible is a must read for women of all sizes :)


CeeCee said...

Yes, a glorious book. Even if I don't think me and Miss Thang could have been friends. I'm more of a Deborah-type person.

Rel, I'm still soooooo jealous!!!about Camy's book!!

Anonymous said...

Great review. I loved this book.

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