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Character Spotlight ~ DiAnn Mills' Danika Morales & Alex Price

Danika Morales & Dr Alex Price

DiAnn Mills writes great suspense novels and Sworn to Protect is the second in her Call of Duty series. Living in Australia, I was fascinated by the complex issues that face both Americans and Mexicans over illegal immigration. DiAnn skilfully reveals the many ethical and moral dilemmas through her characters. I hope you enjoy this insight!

Over to you, DiAnn:~

Brief physical description

Border Patrol Agent Danika Morales has curly hair the color of dark honey and it hangs to her shoulders. Her eyes are blue-gray, and she has a wide smile. She’s slender, attractive.

Dr. Alex Price has short blonde hair and blue eyes.

Actor/famous person

Danika Morales - Although she is white, she has a strong resemblance to Jennifer Lopez

Alex Price - Looks like Dylan Bruno

Strengths and weaknesses

Danika -

Strengths - Willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done

Weaknesses - Afraid to trust

Alex -

Strengths - Compassionate, dedicated and committed to his work - and Danika

Weaknesses - Hesitant to tell all he knows

Quirk (if any)

Danika - She likes jalapeƱos - the hotter the better

Your inspiration for the character

Danika - I wanted a woman who was willing to step into a tough, challenging, and dangerous job. I also wanted her to be all woman: loving, attractive, and compassionate. Her past with an unfortunate situation with an illegal alien motivated her to do what she could to keep US borders safe. She needed to be a woman who had been hurt and blamed God.

Alex - I wanted a man who saw the broad spectrum of the border situation. He needed to be the kind of doctor who saw the needs of people, not their ethnicity. He had to be a man of firm faith, loving and kind but stubborn.

Background to the story

I think you are asking what inspired me to write this story.

Living in Houston I’m familiar with daily news articles about the illegal immigration problem along the Texas/Mexico border. Most of the illegals are merely hard working people who want a better life. Others are those who live a life of crime.

My goal for this book is not to have a message driven novel, but to show characters with varying reasons for or against US immigration laws.

Border Patrol Agent Danika Morales puts her life on the line to enforce US laws and protect our borders. Dr. Alex Price puts his life on the line to make sure all people receive needed medical care. Some characters are legal and some are illegal. Sworn to Protect is about two people who face danger and find love in the midst of tragedy and uncertainty along the volatile Texas/Mexico border.

Thanks so much, DiAnn for this look behind the creation of your characters!

Looking forward to your spotlight on Sage and Parker, from A Woman Called Sage, coming soon to Relz Reviewz.

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