Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Breach of Trust by DiAnn Mills

To save the people she loves, CIA Agent Paige Roberts, goes into hiding in the tiny town of Split Creek, Oklahoma. Immersing herself in small town life as a compassionate librarian, Paige is plagued by the traumatic memories of her last mission as a CIA operative when her team was betrayed by their leader, Daniel Keary. That same man now has a political agenda and plans to ensure Paige keeps quiet.

Split Creek's high school football coach, Miles Laird, has tried everything to get Paige's attention yet she seems determined to remain only friends. As he struggles with over zealous parents telling him how to do his job and racism on the football field, he continues to hold out hope that Paige will one day choose to share some of her secrets.

As Keary's threats loom ever closer, Paige must decide whether her faith will allow her to continue her deception or risk the new life she has worked so hard to achieve.

Breach of Trust is romantic suspense at its finest. The carefully crafted life of a shattered operative is engagingly told by DiAnn Mills, and from Paige's first sighting of a suspicious vehicle I was in for the ride. Taking the time to establish the multi layered personalities of Paige and Miles and their unrequited affection, the suspense and intrigue then builds rapidly as Paige stumbles headlong into danger tied to her murky past. Balancing the action and romance is the exploration of Paige's moral dilemma ~ how does a Christian live life deceiving others as to her identity and past? If you have been waiting for a story to match Dee Henderson's O'Malley series or Susan May Warren's Team Hope, look no further than Breach of Trust, the first in the Call of Duty series.

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Jen said...

Sounds great. Can you add that to my TBR pile please. Thanks Rel

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