Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Full Circle by Davis Bunn

Sometimes to find what matters, you have to back up and start again.

He’s a hotshot financial analyst who has lost it all. She’s a brokenhearted world traveler forced to come home and beg for money. His job hangs by a thread. Her dreams of making a difference in Africa are circling the drain.

It’s a spectacularly bad time for romance, even on the charming stone streets of an English university town. But sparks fly--and danger threatens--when these two wounded souls must work together to solve a mystery and right a wrong.

To find what they need, they may need to relearn everything they thought they knew about love.
My take:~
Full Circle is a slow paced, rather melancholy tale of two damaged souls struggling to move beyond the pain of their past. Character driven, Davis Bunn devotes significant time to developing Adam and Kayla's back stories and the emotional turmoil that shapes their attitudes and actions. The plot is intriguing rather than suspenseful but I remained invested in the outcome due to Davis' skill with the written word, the magnificent backdrop of Oxford and the political maneuverings of rival companies.
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Kim said...

I missed this one! I love Davis Bunn's novels, so I'll have to check it out!

Deena said...

I love Davis, but he's an author I cannot just zip through. He writes with richness. This one is on my shelf...have to get to it:-)

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