Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Special Spotlight Part 2 ~ Marlo Schalesky's Jimmy Henley

Today the spotlight shines on..............................................................Jimmy Henley

As promised, here is Marlo's insight into Jimmy Henley - the man who captured Kinna's heart and became her hero.......and then became human again. If Tomorrow Never Comes is a book that will challenge and inspire - don't miss it.


Brief physical description

Dark hair, brilliant sapphire blue eyes. 5’ 11” and muscular from years working construction. Think James McAvoy (in
ten or so years)

Strengths and weaknesses

As the son of an alcoholic father, Jimmy has learned to walk away, to hide from trouble. He hates confrontation and prefers to pretend everything’s all right. But inside Jimmy hides a hero. He once dreamed of being like Prince Philip in Sleeping Beauty, of slaying dragons and rescuing the fair princess. But Jimmy must slay his own secret dragons first. He must learn to risk safety to save others. He must come to understand that love, and marriage, are worth fighting for.
(Photo by Annie Leibovitz)

Quirk (if any)

Jimmy buys tu
lips for his wife every April 8th. She doesn’t know why. He also loves fairy tales, especially the ones with dragons and pirates.

Your inspiration for the character

When I think of Jimmy Henley, I think “average joe.” He’s a regular guy, a nice guy. He’s loyal t
o his friends, he keeps his nose clean, he does his job. Maybe you’ve met him? At the gas station, working in your building, the guy down the street? Watch for him – he’ll be the guy who knows everyone’s name, the first to call out a “hi” when you walk into the coffee shop. He’s the one everyone likes but no one is really close to. He’s the one with a heart of gold and secrets hidden away so deeply that only God knows about them. So, look for the sapphire eyes. That’s how you’ll know him.

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